Health and Safety Changes

Alberta government loosens requirements for joint worksite health and safety committees and health and safety representatives

By Sheena Owens and David Price, Stikeman Elliott LLP


On Dec. 13, 2019, the assistant deputy minister of the Department of Labour and Immigration issued a Director’s Order loosening the requirements for joint worksite health and safety committees and health and safety representatives in Alberta (the Order). The Order came into effect on Jan.31, 2020.

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Noise Issues in the Construction Industry

Protecting against worker hearing loss

Submitted by Brigade


Noise is inevitable in the construction industry; anyone working in this sector knows that “a quiet life” is never going to be part of their job description. However, the danger is that long-term exposure to high noise levels can cause Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), usually resulting from extended exposure to sound levels at or above 85 decibels (average decibel levels). Symptoms of NIHL include deafness and tinnitus, a distressing ringing in the ears that can have a highly detrimental impact on quality of life.

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Non-Destructive Testing of Unknown Foundations

Choosing the correct method can be challenging

By Hamed Layssi, P.Eng., Ph.D., and Farid Moradi, P.Eng., Ph.D., FPrimeC Solutions Inc.


Aging transportation infrastructure in North America is a serious threat to both the fabric of society and its economy. Many of these critical structures, such as bridges, wind turbines, transmission lines and telecommunication towers require proper inspection and maintenance. The most important issues with regard to ageing structures are the present condition of these assets and identifying maintenance priorities among a wide range of infrastructure facilities.1

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Underground Investigation and Risk Management

Managing geotechnical risk without being afraid

By Masoud Manzari, P.Eng. and Mark Tigchelaar, P. Eng., GeoSolv Design/Build


In the last article, we covered the relationship between projects and risk.

In this is the third and final installment, we will discuss the right way to manage geotechnical risk as it pertains to high-risk projects.

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Flat Jacks Raise Expansion for Winnipeg Transit

The expansion of its primary maintenance facility last year was made possible with the use of flat jacks

By Paul Adair


The Fort Rouge Transit Garage is Winnipeg Transit’s central and primary maintenance and repair facility, handling the majority of the total upkeep for the city’s transit fleet. Built in 1969, Fort Rouge Garage was considered state-of-the-art; the Storage Garage features a special drive-through wash bay, as well as additional areas to check oil, water, tires and lights of each bus after the day’s run. A separate maintenance and repair building also handles scheduled maintenance inspections and major repairs.

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One Big Responsibility

Cutting-edge monitoring system plays a key role in constructing Canada’s tallest high-rise building

By Jim Timlick


When construction of The One condominium and retail development in downtown Toronto wraps up in 2023, it will almost certainly be one of Canada’s most talked about architectural marvels.

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