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DFI publishes new white paper on Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL)

DFI announces the release of a new white paper, “Terminology and Evaluation Criteria of Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) as applied to Deep Foundations.”

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Underground Investigation and Risk Management – Part 2

Risk and projects

By Masoud Manzari, P.Eng. and Mark Tigchelaar, P. Eng., GeoSolv Design/Build


The first article of this series covered “What is Risk?” Now we will discuss how risk and projects interact.

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The Art of Networking Inside Your Company

How to build camaraderie, co-operation and a cohesive team

By Liz Goodgold


When we hear the term “networking,” most of us think about meeting folks outside of our company. However, the true power of networking resides with making a connection inside of your company.

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Is Your Bias Showing?

How to spot and change unconscious bias in the workplace

By Ron Price and Stacy Ennis


Unconscious bias matters. Greatly. Not just for the people on the receiving end of bias, but also for the leaders, teams and companies who are missing out on a team that is diversified through age, race, gender and other factors.

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Let’s Get Political

Getting involved with local, provincial and federal government can help steer the change that impacts your business

By Melissa Campeau


When you consider a deep foundations contractor’s long list of responsibilities, political activism doesn’t usually spring to mind – but business owners who ignore government affairs do so at their own risk.

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Safety First

Midwest Caissons helps spearhead much-needed drill rig operator certification program

By Heather Hudson


Every industry has its blind spots.

For technology companies, it’s the failure to protect the privacy of customer data. In retail, it’s dangerous and unfair labour practices in overseas manufacturing facilities. Once identified, measures can be taken to address and eradicate a blind spot, but it often takes a tragedy before industries are moved to act.

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