• Building Professional Responsibility

    Foundation drill rig operator program begins in North America

    By Deb Smith

    It’s long overdue, but education and certification for foundation drill rig operators will finally be available through a comprehensive online course developed by experienced industry and teaching professionals.

    Kevin Sharp, general manager of Northstar Sharp’s Foundation Specialists, has been involved in the drilling industry for 35 years and has seen great advancements in the size, power and technology of foundation drilling equipment. And yet until now, across all of North America, there has been no formal training for the hundreds of junior operators working on such powerful and dangerous equipment.

  • Learning on the Job

    Calgary’s Matthew Paswisty, who joined the piling industry fresh out of high school, says his 13 years of deep foundation work has been quite the education

    By Mark Halsall


    Matthew Paswisty knows it pays to be versatile. He’s only in his early 30s,

  • Safety First

    Midwest Caissons helps spearhead much-needed drill rig operator certification program

    By Heather Hudson


    Every industry has its blind spots.

    For technology companies, it’s the failure to protect the privacy of customer data. In retail, it’s dangerous and unfair labour practices in overseas manufacturing facilities. Once identified, measures can be taken to address and eradicate a blind spot, but it often takes a tragedy before industries are moved to act.

  • Virtual Reality in the Real World of Piling

    The BAUER Foundation Simulator

    By Deb Draper


    Safety is important on any construction site, but never more so than in piling operations involving powerful equipment than can cause major damage above and below the ground.

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