Company Profiles



Company Profiles

  • Meet a Piling Professional

    Mario Roussel, Selix Equipment

    Describe your current job.
    My day-to-day job is to organize everything with suppliers and manufactures for all the equipment brands we represent and make sure all financial aspects of the company are in order.

    What are your areas of responsibility?
    Sales would be my major responsibility, but I oversee almost everything to be sure we do the best possible jobs for our customers in a timely fashion.

    How did you get to where you are now?
    I started renting and selling heavy equipment back in 1985 for McIntosh Equipment of Ottawa, then I represented Holder of North America, a German municipal tractor company covering all of Canada and approximately 23 states. I was working with a dealer network, and then I started developing a liking to the rock breaking and drilling industry. In 1992, I helped develop and introduce a new Japanese hydraulic rock drill brand, called Furukawa, to our country for almost 20 years. In the summer of 2011, I took the opportunity to start my own distributorship, and Selix was born.

  • Meet a Piling Professional

    Andy Sneddon, Graham Piling Services

    Describe your current job.
    I’m the construction manager for Graham Piling Services – I do marketing, estimating, installing and payments – basically, everything.

    What are your areas of responsibility?
    Everything piling!

    How did you get to where you are now?
    I left university with a degree in house building (UK style). After a few years, I decided to change and get into piling. I started out as a junior engineer with Cementation Piling in the UK. After a few different career moves over a 25-year period, I now find myself in Canada with Graham Construction.

    What do you love about your job?
    All of it! And it’s in Canada.

  • Meet a Piling Professional

    Tony Evangelista, Northstar

    Describe your current job.

    Tony Evangelista: My primary role is the senior manager – business development at Northstar; however, I’m also heavily involved with estimating projects and working with our project managers and construction teams in the execution of awarded jobs.

    What are your areas of responsibility?

    TE: Primarily and from a global perspective it would be client relations, and helping to develop Northstar as a business. On a day-to-day basis, I’m involved with bidding, estimating, submissions and project execution.

    How did you get to where you are now?

    TE: Eight years ago, a friend that I was working with as a consultant asked if I’d be interested in working with a company that installed piles. My response was, “Piles of what?” I had no background or understanding of what I may be getting into. A lunch was set up with the president of the company and we hit it off. At the end of lunch, I asked him to drive me home, which elicited a strange look, but he agreed. When we arrived he realized why I’d made this request; a piling company was working across the street driving H-piles for a retaining wall. We got out and spent a good amount of time watching them and I got my first lesson in what we do. I’ve never looked back.

  • Meet a Piling Professional: Dan Homeniuk, Ruskin Construction

    Describe your current job.
    I am the project manager at Ruskin Construction. The project I’m currently on involves the widening of the Paul Lake Bridge at the Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories. The work we’re doing includes the installation of new bin walls, footings, girders and concrete deck.

    What are your areas of responsibility?
    My areas of responsibility include project management, contract management, change management, project scheduling, logistics and project planning.

  • Meeting Arctic Demands

    PND Engineers tackles tough projects in the north

    By Mike Stimpson

    Innovation, adaptability and finding solutions for the challenges of building in Arctic and marine environments: PND Engineers has developed a solid reputation for all these things over the course of its 37-year history. That pattern of excellence continues as the U.S.-headquartered civil and structural engineering firm expands its reach in Canada’s north through a Canadian subsidiary.

    A prime example of PND’s innovation is the firm’s proprietary (and award-winning) OPEN CELL® sheet pile technology, used over 200 times since PND Engineers developed it in the early 1980s for bridge abutments in Alaska’s North Slope region. PND’s website says OPEN CELL systems have “been used effectively in locations where other traditional bulkhead systems cannot work, including severe ice conditions, soft soils, exposed bedrock, deep water, high loading conditions, extensive scour and seismic events.”

  • Monir Precision Monitoring

    Providing answers through expertise, experiential knowledge and state-of-the-art monitoring systems

    By Barb Feldman


    As the demands placed on construction sites intensify, finding ways to improve schedules and decrease costs have become increasingly critical. As a strong proponent of the observational method, Nadir Ansari was early to recognize the need for a high-quality monitoring service for the heavy civil construction industry to provide feedback on systems performance,

  • Morton Jagodich Incorporated

    Diversification sees company through downturn of traditional market

    By Kim Beggar

    Morton Jagodich Incorporated (MJI), headquartered in Calgary, Alta., certainly faced a challenge when the oil and gas downturn began in 2014. Just a few years old at that time, the company relied heavily on the oil and gas industry for its livelihood.

    “A huge portion of our work was in that sector,” said Jason Jagodich, managing partner of the civil, structural and geotechnical engineering firm.

    The company had to refocus, and it did so quickly. The last couple of years have taken MJI to Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and Korea, and into the public sector across Canada, in its efforts to diversify in terms of both geography and industry sector. This diversification and a focus on safety and innovation have allowed the firm to flourish in tough times.

    Company overview
    In addition to its Calgary head office, MJI has offices in Grande Prairie, Alta. and Huntsville, Ont. Jagodich, the company’s geotechnical principal, is based in Alberta; Jon Morton, the civil engineering principal, works out of the Ontario office. With 40 employees, the company is a full-service civil, structural and geotechnical firm specializing in deep foundation design and testing, permitted to practice in nearly all provinces in Canada.

  • Muscling into the Canadian Market

    Filling Canada's need for piling products

    By Jennifer Paterson


    American Muscle Docks & Fabrication has its roots in the fabrication business – it was born from an amalgamation between Valley Manufacturing, a metal fabricating and stamping company, and Follansbee Dock Systems, which it purchased in 2012.

  • New Home, Same Philosophy

    Le Monde International is a new player on the Canadian piling scene

    By Jim Timlick

    New company, new country, same philosophy. Those six simple words tell you a great deal about Le Monde International Drilling Equipment, a Gatineau, Que.-based drilling, piling and geothermal engineering equipment distributor.

    Le Monde was formed by owner Goran Zivkovic and his father Branislav as a family-owned venture in 2012. In 2014, the company became a serious player on the national piling and drilling scene when it became the official Canadian distributor for IHC IQIP office Netherlands and MORI SRL of Italy.

    While the company is still relatively new, the principles behind it have a long history when it comes to heavy equipment sales and distributorship. Branislav Zivkovic was the founder of Le Monde Underground, which has distributed several big-name brands of horizontal drilling and excavation equipment in Eastern Europe for more than 30 years.

    Following the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, the Zivkovics moved to Canada in the late 1990s to start life anew. Several years later, Zivkovic decided to form his own company, this time with a focus on distributing vertical drilling and pile driving equipment to the Canadian foundation industry.

  • Ocean Building

    Island Marine Construction Services Ltd. is B.C.’s Gulf Island’s premier custom dock builder

    By Lisa Gordon

    At Island Marine Construction Services Ltd., they like a good challenge. That’s a good thing, because as the premier custom dock builder in the British Columbia Gulf Islands, they’re in the business of solving problems.

  • On  Solid  Ground


    By Colleen Birchwood


    Since entering the Canadian marketplace in 2005, BAUER FoundationsCanada Inc. (BFCA) has established a reputation as one of the top contractors for complex foundation projects in the infrastructure, industrial, energy, mining, commercial and hydro dam sectors.

  • On the Waterfront

    Courtesy of Irving EquipmentAs part of the Halifax Shipyard modernization program, Irving Equipment is rebuilding the Pier 6 Wharf, where Canada’s next generation of warships and arctic patrol vessels are slated to be built

    By Mark Halsall

    Irving Equipment is Atlantic Canada’s largest provider of pile driving, crane rental, heavy lifting, specialized transportation, wind energy and project management services. The company is currently assisting with the Halifax Shipyard modernization program, a large project transforming the Halifax waterfront. Irving Shipbuilding is preparing to build the next generation of ships for Canada’s navy that includes six to eight Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships and up to 15 Canadian Surface Combatant vessels.

    Irving Shipbuilding is investing an estimated $300 million over the next two years to modernize its facilities at Halifax Shipyard. Numerous upgrades are required to be completed in time for the 2015 date to cut steel for the first set of navy vessels, the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships. The investment includes reconstruction of the Pier 6 wharf at Halifax Shipyard as well as land reclamation, dredging and construction of new buildings and a ship launching facility.

  • One-Stop Safety Software Solution

    How to manage a safe and efficient worksite

    By Deb Smith

    Safety is a core value for every construction project, woven into most construction companies’ DNA. Yet carrying out a comprehensive safety plan can be a complex and time-consuming process.

    In response, CorePoint Solutions Inc. developed an innovative, easy-to-use and highly configurable safety software program that ensures compliance and convenience for companies of all sizes and employees at all levels.

    “Our company has been in business for 15 years,” said Lisa Heitrich, CEO and product manager at CorePoint. “It all started in B.C. when I was working with one of the top five global forestry companies.” To better handle safety, in 2003, Heitrich developed a solution for the forestry giant.

    With the new safety software’s success, Heitrich received permission to develop a comprehensive solution to improve and better manage health and safety programs for other forestry companies and in other industries.  e result was a suite of user-friendly and reliable occupational health and safety (OHS) management software.

  • Ottawa's AATech Scientific

    Celebrating 20 years of pile testing

    By Jim Chliboyko


    Twenty years have gone by quickly for Sam Salem and Fred Agharazi. The two men are the founders of AATech Scientific, an Ottawa-based pile-testing company the two formed in 1997.

  • Pacific Pile & Marine Civil Constructors

    PPM’s new subsidiary services Western Canada

    By Lisa Kopochinski

    Pacific Pile & Marine (PPM) may not be a household name, but if you’re in the marine or heavy civil industry, it’s a name you should get to know. PPM was formed in 2008 as a continuation of Hurlen Construction, which dates back nearly 50 years to provide best-in-class services to the Western United States and Canada.

    Between 2010 and 2011, PPM partnered on a remote design-build run-of-river project northeast of Sechelt, B.C. involving two new greenfield hydro facilities. Following that project, PPM determined the market would be better serviced by establishing a larger presence in the area and in early 2017, made good on that decision by establishing a B.C.-based subsidiary, PPM Civil Constructors.

  • Pacifica Piling Ltd.

    After a year in the market, this steel supplier continues to pick up steam

    By Colleen Birchwood

    When Rick Cable and his then-girlfriend Melissa Butler left the East Coast and arrived in Vancouver with nothing more than a suitcase full of clothes in 1996, he never imagined that 20 years later he would be the president of Pacifica Piling Ltd.

  • Problem-Solving People

    Courtesy of Crux Subsurface, Inc.Crux Subsurface, Inc. takes an active role in innovation

    By Barb Feldman

    Crux Subsurface, Inc. (Crux), a Quanta Services company headquartered in Spokane Valley, Wash., is a specialty geotechnical drilling contractor providing geotechnical exploration, geotechnical construction and design-build foundation solutions in North America. Crux specializes in logistically challenging and environmentally sensitive projects where access and subsurface conditions present difficulties.

    Crux was founded in 1998 with a focus on geotechnical exploration and engineering design support through geotechnical data acquisition. The founders were already experienced geotechnical drillers and fabricators, and chose the name “Crux” (“an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome”) to emphasize their mission and their strength – solving difficult logistical problems.

  • Rigours of the North

    Ledger Foundations has been doing deep foundation work for oil and gas projects - mostly in northern locations and under challenging conditions - for 10 years now

    By Mark Halsall

    Workers with Ledcor Foundations have been specializing in deep foundation work for oil and gas projects in northern Alberta and British Columbia since 2006. One of the things they’ve learned this past decade is that it takes a strong commitment to work in remote locations in the north.

    “It’s tough on the people being away from home and in a work camp for 14 days straight. Not everybody wants to get out of bed, get on a plane and go to work for two weeks, and then only be back home for a week. It takes a commitment to work in this sector,” said Jerrod Dersch, operations manager for Ledcor Foundations.

  • Rocscience

    From its humble beginning more than two decades ago, this software company has morphed from a small spin-off company into a global enterprise

    By Lisa Kopochinski

    Rocscience is truly global. With a head office in Toronto, the company provides geotechnical software to its more than 7,000 customers around the world. Not bad for a company that was officially formed a little more than 20 years ago as a spin-off from the University of Toronto.

    Situated in a beautiful home-like and cozy office in the heart of downtown Toronto, its exterior would never suggest that inside is a team of 33 developers, engineers, marketers and support staff that regularly communicates with more than 120 countries.

  • Rolling in the Deep

    Courtesy of Roll Form GroupThe Roll Form Group continues its success in North America

    By Jim Chliboyko

    There probably aren’t too many things that Nisku, Alta. and Iuka, Miss. have in common, but the Roll Form Group is one of them.

    The two towns – Nisku, which is just south of Edmonton, and Iuka in the northeastern-most county in Mississippi – are part of the landscape of the Roll Form Group, which itself is actually part of the vast Samuel, Son & Co., Limited, a privately held Canadian company that has been involved in the steel business since 1855.

    Hal Mulveney is the general manager of the Roll Form Group’s Heavy Construction division, and describes the company as consisting of four different businesses.

    “There’s Heavy Construction, Transportation, Building Products (Joists) and then we have a catch-all category that we call Custom Forming, serving the general manufacturing, solar, barge and truck markets,” said Mulveney. In terms of Heavy Construction and piling, that specific division of the Roll Form Group produces “cold rolled sheet piling and sells or distributes hot rolled sheet piling, H-pile, pipe pile, hot rolled structurals, pile points and tie rods,” according to company literature.

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