• Piling in a Protected Park

    Cyntech Canada uses a specialized technique in Banff National Park

    By Jon Waldman


    Working in the piling industry, a company can be faced with a number of projects that are unique. While each job has its own dynamics, there are some that stand out as being different from the “norm” that one might see in a downtown Canadian city or in rural centres across our country.

  • Port of Oshawa East Wharf Consolidation Project

    Allowing the port to handle more cargo, create new business opportunities and jobs

    By Lisa Kopochinski 


    After several years of extensive revitalization, the Port of Oshawa is maintaining its spot as the city’s shining star.

    Work has completed on the east wharf consolidation and rail spur projects – both which will provide an additional berth for ships and allow the port to handle more cargo, create new business opportunities and jobs.

  • Power from Piling

    Cyntech and Keller contribute to the Western Alberta Transmission Line 

    By Jon Waldman

    The Western Alberta Transmission Line (WATL) was one of the highest impact projects in the Canadian market in the last number of years, and Cyntech Canada was among the companies proud to be part of this monumental effort. 

    As outlined by the Alberta Electric System Operator, there was a stark need for increased electrical supply in the province. As stated by the Operator in a project overview, “Increased demand for electricity in southern and central Alberta is stressing the existing 240 kV system and transmission reinforcement between the Edmonton and Calgary area is required,” and that a pair of high voltage direct current lines were going to be required to maximize efficiency and accommodate long-term growth.

    Though the planning and approval process began in 2010, it took until the winter of 2013 for the project to commence. On board for the project were AltaLink and SNC-Lavalin. SNC then brought Cyntech on board for the project’s south and central portions’ foundation work. As Brandon Hindbo, operations manager at Cyntech Canada, says, the two companies had worked together previously on global oil and gas projects, but this would be the first time the two sides collaborated through the former’s Transmission and Distribution division.

  • Powering the Future

    Photo Courtesy of Manitoba HydroFive thousand piles set Manitoba's Keewatinohk converter station on solid foundations

    By Lily Slain 

    It’s been about 2,000 years since the Romans ruled the earth, but their magnificent aqueducts can still be found across Europe; a few are even still in use. If the modern world has a comparable achievement, it might be our hydro corridors.

    The Romans were transporting water across great distances; now we harness the power of water to create electricity that is transported over hundreds of kilometres. The Romans themselves would have admired contemporary projects like Bipole III, currently underway in Manitoba. It’s one of the largest projects of its kind in North America and one of the biggest capital projects that Manitoba Hydro, the province’s energy utility, has ever undertaken.

  • Providence Vista Condominiums

    Restoration project to permanently solve long-term foundation settlement

    By Kim Biggar


    The Society of Hope, a Kelowna, B.C.-based non-profit organization that provides affordable housing, owns and operates 700 housing units in the interior of the province.

  • Rising High

    Prestigious condo project for deep foundations contractors inc.

    By Sarah B. Hood

    On Toronto’s busy St. Clair Avenue, atop the steep climb of Bathurst Street, a remarkable new condominium building is remaking a gateway intersection in a developing neighbourhood that is as well known for its multicultural diversity as for its favourable situation overlooking the rest of the city. Appropriately named the Rise, the project was spearheaded by Reserve Properties Ltd., a family business that has been active in commercial and residential development across North America for over three decades. 

  • Rock Solid

    Crews handle variety of tough conditions on remote power line project

    By Kevin Sharp, Don Henry and John Wilson

    Drilling 67-foot shafts and installing large-diameter caissons into solid rock can be a challenge for even the most skilled drilling contractor. Doing so in an extremely remote location nearly 400 kilometres (250 miles) from the nearest town as winter weather quickly encroaches adds a new level of complexity. Steep cliffs, demanding soil conditions and limited equipment repair services meant the project team was forced to adjust the project’s trajectory on the fly. Without cell coverage, crews communicated with each other and the concrete batch plant via two-way radios.

    Crews from Sharp’s Construction Services (Leduc, Alta.) and Henry Drilling (Langley, B.C.) joined forces to drill the foundations for transmission towers for the new 344-kilometre (213 miles) Northwest Transmission Line project in B.C. The work was performed under the general contractors’ joint venture of Valard Construction (Edmonton, Alta.) and Burns & McDonnell (Kansas City, Kan.) for the owner BC Hydro.

  • Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre

    Upgrading Saskatoon's transit

    By Austin Wilson and John Wilson


    The city of Saskatoon, Sask. has many nicknames, including “The Hub City.” Historically this nickname arose because Canadian farmers brought their year’s harvest to Saskatoon for shipping. The city still plays a vital role in the distribution of goods, acting as a hub to connect key highways, railways and the busiest airport in Canada.

  • Scotiabank Tower

    Helical piles integral for installation of new elevator in iconic Winnipeg building

    By Susan Rennie, PCL Canada Inc.


    The Scotiabank Tower, located at 200 Portage Avenue, sits on the corner of the historic Portageand Main intersection in the heart of Winnipeg’s downtown commercial district. It is one of only four primary office buildings surrounding this significantjunction and provides 82,000 square feet of office space to the downtown area.

  • Shoring Up High-Rise Construction


    Matcon Canada and Soilmec NA work on the Rogers Arena high-rise

    By Dan Hunt, Matcon Canada MESL Group of Companies and Craig Berninger, Champion Equipment Sales, LLC and Soilmec NA

    Vancouver Canucks fans and downtown locals will soon be able to enjoy expanded amenities when they visit the Rogers Arena, including the indispensable addition of new restaurants, bathrooms and parking. However, Vancouver residents and workers may be even more excited by the upcoming increase in rental housing and office space that will be provided by the three new, mixed-use high-rise towers under construction surrounding the hockey arena.

    Canucks fans and residents may not realize how difficult it was to build the Rogers Arena, which was squeezed between the existing Georgia Street and Dunsmuir Street Viaducts. Now building contractors face the greater feat of constructing three high-rise towers within even tighter jobsites – requiring a construction “hat trick” that hockey fans will appreciate.

    Construction of the 31-story South Tower has been particularly demanding since this triangular-shaped tower is being wedged between the southern wall of Rogers Arena and the elevated Georgia Street Viaduct on one side, and the at-grade Pacific Boulevard and Griffiths Way on the two other sides. When complete, this high-rise will include five levels of underground parking, more than 200 rental units and multipurpose facilities.

  • State of the Art


    Courtesy of BerminghamBermingham contributes to the construction of a culture-boosting art gallery in Saskatchewan

    By Vanessa Kunderman

    Saskatoon has always been a can-do city. In the 70s, when Saskatoon wanted to host the Canada Winter Games, the flat prairie province didn’t even shudder at the thought of building a mountain for skiing.

    When the idea for an agrarian-inspired world-class art gallery came across the desks of city council, the Remai Art Gallery was an unquestionable new project.

    Saskatoon has always had strong cultural interest; the orchestra, theatre and street festivals are just small blades in this province’s massive crop of culture, and according to, “74 per cent say Saskatoon’s growing city needs a cultural facility.”

    Thanks to the Energy Boom from recent years, Saskatchewan’s population has tipped over the one million mark, with most of the inhabitants flocking to Saskatchewan’s largest city, Saskatoon. The booming population has further increased the province’s lust for the arts, even more so than its colourful history.

    Named for Saskatchewan philanthropist, Ellen Remai, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certified Gallery is a piece of architectural art, itself. With high-performance, eco-friendliness and sustainability at its core, the gallery has already accumulated architectural awards.

  • Staying on Track

    Kelly-drilled piles stay true and on course through the use of Jean Lutz’s PRAD sensor, a user-friendly system that takes immediate readings during the drilling process to ensure accurate verticality control

    By Lisa Gordon


    As construction moves increasingly into the vertical sphere, the importance of finding new ways to accurately

  • Stone Columns

    Doublestar Drilling helps PCL Construction reduce high-volume traffic in Saskatoon

    Supplied by Doublestar Drilling

    Doublestar Drilling was awarded the City of Saskatoon Interchange, Stone Columns Project by PCL Construction. These interchanges will help reduce the current high-volume traffic in these areas. Several alternatives were evaluated during project pursuit and the design team ultimately elected to proceed with the embankment stabilization through the use of compacted stone columns.

  • Tangent Pile Wall and DCP Ground Anchors

    Permanently stabilizing a failing slope

    Submitted by Doublestar Drilling


    In early January 2016, Doublestar Drilling (DSD) was awarded the Daishowa – Slide Repair Tangent Pile Wall Project.

  • Temporary Secant Shoring Wall

    Special precautions for specific ground conditions

    Submitted by Doublestar Drilling


    Doublestar Drilling was awarded the large-scale condo development project, West Village, in April 2017 by Cidex Group, which is located on the west entrance of Calgary’s downtown core.

  • The Concord

    Doublestar Drilling was awarded the temporary shoring contract for the construction for the construction and excavation for Calgary’s largest upscale condo project

    By Lisa Kopochinski

    When completed in 2018, Calgary’s newest upscale condominium project – the Concord – will be one of the city’s most luxurious living quarters.

    Situated downtown in the Eau Claire neighbourhood, construction on this 14-storey project, which began in April, will include two towers of condos and townhouses overlooking the south shore of the Bow River.

    With the first of the two towers expected to be completed in 30 to 36 months (and the second tower approximately six months later) Vancouver-based builder Concord Pacific has already sold 50 per cent of the first tower’s units. This includes five penthouses ranging in price from $2.5 million to $7 million.

  • The University of Saskatchewan’s Collaborative Science Research Building

    Innovative Piling Solutions tackled a project that was tight on both time and space, devising a customized piling solution that met construction deadlines despite the intervention of Old Man Winter

    By Lisa Gordon

    Time. It’s the one ingredient that was extremely scarce during the foundation construction phase for the University of Saskatchewan’s cutting edge Collaborative Science Research Building (CSRB).

    In fact, the timeline for constructing the foundation of the $63 million, 91,000-square-foot research facility in the fall of 2016 was so tight that construction meetings were held every 12 hours to ensure the work stayed on track.

  • Toronto's Massey Hall Legacy

    What's the future; What's the foundation

    By Marc Paoliello, P.Eng., Deep Foundations Contractors Inc.

    This article originally appeared in Foundation Drilling magazine, the official publication of ADSC: the International Association of Foundation Drilling. It is reprinted with permission.


    Is Toronto in the midst of a cultural renaissance? As Canada’s largest urban centre at just over 6 million people, the population has grown since 1834, overtaking Chicago to become North America’s fourth most populous city. Toronto’s longstanding institutions are undergoing massive overhauls to meet the demands of a quickly changing metropolitan area.

  • Toronto’s Port Lands

    The site’s potential has long sat unrealized and under threat by flooding, and the ambitious Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure Project seeks to fix all that

    By Paul Adair


    Located at the mouth of the Don River, Toronto’s Port Lands was created over decades by infilling what was once one of the largest wetlands on Lake Ontario. The area is one of the largest underdeveloped stretches of downtown waterfront in North America; long considered undevelopable due to its vulnerability to flooding from extreme weather events brought on by climate change.

  • Turncot Interchange


    By Sarah B. Hood


    The Turcot Interchange is the gateway to southwestern Montreal. Since freight and passengers entering the island city by rail or road have a limited choice of routes, more than 300,000 vehicles per day pass through this dense transportation network. It is the connection point for three highways, access to the Champlain Bridge and the ground route to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Montreal’s main rail lines also pass through the area.

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