Canadian Pile Driving Equipment, Inc., now Junttan Canada, Inc.

Well- and widely known company in the Canadian foundation industry, Canadian Pile Driving Equipment, Inc. (CPDE), became Junttan Canada, Inc., on Jan. 1, 2022. Junttan Oy acquired CPDE in the spring of 2020. Before that, CPDE was Junttan’s authorized Canadian distributor since 2007.

This Prairie province is the next to put this legislation in force

By Misty S. Alexandre, Robertson Stromberg LLP


Those who have attended a construction event or webinar in the last few years, have likely heard the words ‘prompt payment’ at least once or twice. Frankly, they probably heard it a lot more than that! Across the country, many provincial legislatures have been exploring these requirements, with Ontario being the first jurisdiction to proclaim them into force.

Vibration monitors provide much-valued data, but calibration is key

By Jim Timlick


It’s often said the biggest things come in the smallest packages.

Challenges will persist throughout 2022, but there are also opportunities


By Doug Lyall, HUB International


When it comes to the construction industry, the theme of the year is “shortages.” Whether it’s a lack of materials or labour, projects can’t complete without personnel or supplies, leaving construction firms at risk of failure.

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