Industry has made some incredible strides over the last few years to end the stigma associated with mental health issues. Despite these successes, the construction industry continues to see high rates of suicide among its employees. Everyone in each sector must remember that having our workers return to the jobsite in the morning is just as important as having them returned safely home at the end of a shift.

CZM Introduces EK260LS

CZM Foundation Equipment recently introduced the EK260LS to its fleet. This is the fourth model in the Long Stroke (LS) series.

Launched in 2019, a new model will debut this month

By Christine Fournier


In 2019, CZM Foundation Equipment introduced the Long Reach (LR) machines to their fleet. The LR series is a unique design to CZM’s drill rigs that brings the high performance of the EK line to a boom-mounted setup with increased reach. CZM’s specifically designed boom with two lift cylinders allows for a higher torque and crowd force to be applied to the tool, which, aligned with interlocking kelly bars, makes it efficient for rock and hard soil drilling.

Three benefits of Piling Equipment, Ltd.’s Cobra mini rigs

Submitted by Piling Equipment, Ltd.


Piling Equipment, Ltd., has been an established manufacturer and supplier of new and refurbished piling rigs and foundation drilling equipment for almost two decades. As a company, they are renowned for their in-depth industry knowledge, on-site experience and impressive range of machinery, including an assortment of innovative mini piling rigs.

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