CZM Introduces EK260LS

CZM Foundation Equipment recently introduced the EK260LS to its fleet. This is the fourth model in the Long Stroke (LS) series.

The EK260LS is mounted on a Caterpillar 352 Tier IV Final, with extendable crawlers for 360-degree stability. It has an operation weight of 200,000 pounds (lb.) and a transport weight of 140,000 lb. The machine features a torque output of 209,700 foot-pounds. It is a cable crowd machine with 61-feet of stroke. Applications can easily be switched between kelly bar, segmented casing, CFA, displacement piles and soil mixing.

For more information, visit www.czm-us.com.


GRL Engineers, Inc., open Hawaii office

GRL Engineers, the Cleveland, Ohio-based deep foundation consulting and testing firm, opened its 12th office location, this one on Oahu, Hawaii. GRL Engineers offer a variety of testing and analysis methods for the diverse Hawaiian geotechnical conditions and challenging driven and drilled deep foundation installations. The new Oahu office will provide testing for projects in Hawaii and on other islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The office is managed by Camilo Alvarez, P.E., a GRL vice president and branch manager. He has performed deep foundation testing for over 21 years on projects throughout the United States, as well as in 27 other countries. He is the manager of GRL-California, GRL-Colorado and the new office. Alvarez is a registered professional engineer in California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Washington and holds an Expert-Level rating on the PDCA/PDI Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test. He brings a wealth of deep foundation testing and analysis expertise to the Oahu office.

Bill Chambers, P.E., is the senior engineer on staff at the Oahu office. He has 31 years of experience in the deep foundation industry, holding positions as a chief estimator, project manager, piling engineer and managing director for piling contractors and deep foundation testing firms. Chambers is a registered professional engineer in Queensland, Australia, and holds an Advanced-Level rating on the PDCA/PDI Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test.

For driven pile foundations, the GRL-Hawaii office offers dynamic pile testing services with the PDA and CAPWAP, as well as static load testing services. For drilled deep foundations, GRL offers a full suite of load testing capabilities: bi-directional, dynamic and static. These load tests frequently include embedded strain gages for load transfer assessment and foundation design optimization. GRL’s APPLE I system, can be used for dynamic load tests on deep foundations of appropriate size and capacity. The office also provides quality assurance integrity testing services: thermal integrity profiling, crosshole sonic logging, gamma-gamma logging and low-strain integrity testing. Additionally, for drilled shafts, GRL-Hawaii offers assessments of shaft verticality and profile using the SHAPE system, as well as base cleanliness testing using the SQUID system.

To learn more about GRL-

Hawaii engineering services, contact

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