By Judy Penz Sheluk

Finding efficient ways of training and up-skilling machine operators – while keeping safety at a maximum and time and costs at a minimum – are key demands in today’s highly competitive construction industry. Liebherr, a company known for its heavy-duty construction equipment, including crawler cranes, maritime cranes, piling rigs and drilling rigs, has developed

a state-of-the-art solution.

“Besides supplying the necessary machines, the trend in recent years has clearly been toward construction-site application and process consultation,” said Gerhard Frainer, managing director of sales for Liebherr Nenzing. “Liebherr identified this trend at an early stage and has incorporated it into its strategy. For example, our LiDAT®, Liebherr’s data transmission system, is a tailored telematic and fleet management system for Liebherr machines.”

The most recent example of this innovative thinking is LiSIM®, Liebherr’s simulator for crawler cranes and deep foundation equipment. The simulations offer sophisticated solutions that tick all the boxes, allowing trainees to significantly improve their skills in a virtual but realistic environment.

“The development of this advanced training tool was driven by Liebherr’s extensive experience in highly immersive crane operator training as well as in other simulations,” said Frainer. “Last year we launched a range of maritime simulators for ship to shore, rubber tyre gantry, mobile harbour and offshore cranes. In the deep foundation area, we publish a compendium on process technology and equipment selection, which acquired the status of a standard work of reference within a very short time.”

For the LiSIM® simulator, Liebherr modelled its successful LB 28 rotary drilling rig with a continuous flight auger (CFA), Kelly bar and casings, as well as an LR 1300 crawler crane. In addition, a realistic construction site was virtually created with adjacent buildings, roads and fences, and obstacles such as uneven ground, I-beams or rocks.

“The drilling rig simulation replicates all aspects of the machine’s real functions, from basic drilling with a Kelly bar, or travelling with a Kelly bar and CFA, to more complicated scenarios such as travelling inclinations or work under extreme weather conditions,” said product manager Marcel Flir. “The centre of mass changes automatically depending on the attachment. For example, different soil conditions and their effects on both drilling physics and the crawlers of the machine are considered.”



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