Courtesy of ECA CanadaECA Canada builds on its history to provide specialized foundation equipment

By J. Lynn Fraser

ECA Canada’s specialization in foundation construction equipment rentals has deep, dual roots in the North American construction industry. In 1953, the company’s Canadian roots took hold when Special Construction Machines Ltd. (SCM) was established. SCM distinguished itself in the industry when it became the first Delmag diesel pile hammer dealer in North America. SCM’s product range now includes vibratory hammers, hydraulic drill rigs and tieback anchor/micropile rigs. In late 1999, the company was purchased by Equipment Corporation of America (ECA) and was renamed ECA Canada.

ECA’s roots reach back to 1918 when three Chicago-based companies amalgamated. The Chicago Builders Specialty Company, French & Allen and Marsh-Capron manufacturing became ECA, specializing in equipment rentals. Today, ECA’s operations are based in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Toronto, with sales offices in New Jersey, North Carolina and Indiana.

Marking territory
“ECA Canada’s territory for some of its product lines is across Canada, and for others it is from Ontario to the east coast. We represent world leading manufacturers of foundation construction equipment,” explained Ray Kemppainen, ECA Canada’s branch manager.

The company is a dealer for Bauer, Klemm, RTG, Fambo, MAT, Pileco, Betek, Dawson Construction Plant, HPSi, Berminghammer, WORD Drills International and KB International.

“Previously, the American market had larger ‘nationwide’ foundation contractors than Canada, while Canada typically has had smaller contractors that concentrated on their local markets, with only a few that worked nationwide. This has changed in Canada recently with purchases of Canadian foundation contractors by worldwide foundation companies,” said Kemppainen. He offers the example of North American Piling, which was recently purchased by Keller Foundations, a subsidiary of Keller Group Plc.

Recently, both ECA and ECA Canada attained Service Partner status with Bauer Maschinen, specialists in foundation engineering machinery, for all of their branches.

“To reach this status, ECA Canada and the other branches of ECA were each subject to an audit by Bauer Maschinen of their facilities, personnel, safety campaign, service department capabilities, parts inventory, etc. Achieving this status is further proof that ECA Canada and ECA are fully committed to providing their customers with the best service possible,” said Kemppainen.


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