Courtesy of Roll Form GroupThe Roll Form Group continues its success in North America

By Jim Chliboyko

There probably aren’t too many things that Nisku, Alta. and Iuka, Miss. have in common, but the Roll Form Group is one of them.

The two towns – Nisku, which is just south of Edmonton, and Iuka in the northeastern-most county in Mississippi – are part of the landscape of the Roll Form Group, which itself is actually part of the vast Samuel, Son & Co., Limited, a privately held Canadian company that has been involved in the steel business since 1855.

Hal Mulveney is the general manager of the Roll Form Group’s Heavy Construction division, and describes the company as consisting of four different businesses.

“There’s Heavy Construction, Transportation, Building Products (Joists) and then we have a catch-all category that we call Custom Forming, serving the general manufacturing, solar, barge and truck markets,” said Mulveney. In terms of Heavy Construction and piling, that specific division of the Roll Form Group produces “cold rolled sheet piling and sells or distributes hot rolled sheet piling, H-pile, pipe pile, hot rolled structurals, pile points and tie rods,” according to company literature.

They also produce some products that many Canadians see every day of their lives.

“In Canada, we also manufacture highway guardrail products,” said Mulveney. “The highest percentage of sales [for these products] are in Ontario and Quebec, followed by the West and then the Maritimes. We are a national distributor of our products across the country.”

At one point in time, the Roll Form Group was known as Canadian Metal Rolling Mills, or CMRM. Mulveney said the name changed when they began to expand into the United States. CMRM began in September 1967 rolling roof deck, says Roll Form Group’s John Mitchell. Currently, the company has just over 550 employees, with 320 in the United States and about 240 in Canada.

The Roll Form Group’s Ontario facilities are located in Cambridge and Mississauga, Ont. Their Cambridge facility is devoted to heavy gauge products such as sheet piling, structural sections and guiderails through two plants with combined production area of over 170,000 square feet, especially focused on Heavy Construction and Transportation products. This plant can also do some finer detail work, like piercing, punching and sweeping, painting and can also deal with varieties of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The Mississauga location has been focused mostly on light gauge building products (deck and cladding), though the company has made the decision to exit this business.


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