MotoCut pile cutters cut over 50,0000 concrete piles

MotoCut automated pile cutters were in operation at an oil industry construction site in central Asia. The project involved cutting nearly 60,000 precast concrete piles over a period of two years. The project was carried out with four MotoCut units that cut 400 millimetre × 400 millimetre concrete piles. The MotoCut pile cutters were fitted on 30-ton excavators.

Before becoming a piling rig operator, Rory Brown worked in the car repair industry for many years. He’s happy he made the move.

By Mark Halsall


Rory Brown fixed cars for almost three decades before he decided to change careers and get into the pile driving business.

“I was an autobody technician. We lived back in Nova Scotia which was where I had done the automotive thing for quite some time, probably close to 30 years,” said Brown, who moved from the Halifax area to Calgary, Alta., with his wife, Christina, seven years ago.

Canadian businesses and the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation

By Ranish Raveendrabose, Fillmore Riley LLP


Beginning in May 2018, users of social media may have noticed they were inundated with updated Terms and Conditions to which they had to agree before they were permitted to continue using the platform. Those who live and die by their smartphone were subjected to a deluge of these prompts. What instigated this? Four letters: GDPR.

Extras can cause major headaches when there’s a lack of clear communication

By Mark Tigchelaar


Google the words “construction extras” and the results are framed in a legal situation or case law summaries. There must be a reason why only legal firms are talking about this in public. It’s probably because like death, taxes and divorce, there is money to be made in extras.

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