Powell Foundations’ work on the Highway 427 expansion in Ontario

By Paul Adair


In May 2018, the province of Ontario broke ground on the expansion of Highway 427 through York Region as a way to help improve traffic flow, create jobs and support economic growth in one of Canada’s most populous regions. This $616 million investment includes a new 6.6-kilometre extension from Highway 7 up to Major Mackenzie Drive, with eight lanes from Highway 7 to Rutherford Road and six lanes from Rutherford Road to Major Mackenzie Drive. In addition, there are three new interchanges at Langstaff Road, Rutherford Road and Major Mackenzie Drive.

A five-kilometre sheet-pile dike wall was accomplished in three-and-a-half months

By Barb Feldman


By late April of 2019, a cold, snowy winter, a late spring melt and an unusually rainy spring led to extremely high water upstream of the St. Lawrence River system in areas of Quebec east of Ottawa and Cornwall, Ont. On the evening of April 27, 2019, in the region of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, an off-island suburban community of 18,000 about 40 kilometres northwest of Montreal, a 20-metre breach in a natural earthen dike quickly became wider as the high, rushing water from Lac des Deux-Montagnes coursed through the weakened structure, which then completely broke down.

Brewster Drilling and Piling and Burmeister Wains Scandinavian Contractors overcame logistical challenges brought on by a remote island location in the Atlantic Ocean

By Lisa Kopochinski


It was back in December 2017 that Brewster Drilling and Piling – a division of FTE Drilling, with locations in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Quebec, and Ontario – was contacted by Burmeister Wains Scandinavian Contractors (BWSC). The Danish global turnkey developer, contractor and operator of tailored engine-based and boiler-based power plants tapped the Canadian company to assist with a piling solution for the BELCO North Power Station in Bermuda.

Suicide is killing construction workers. What can we do?

By Jill Harris, Lester Communications Inc.


Construction sites can be high-risk working environments; potentially hazardous conditions are often everyday job components. According to Canadian insurance firm Aviva, the top causes of construction injuries and fatalities in the country are slips, trips and falls; falls from heights; struck by moving vehicles or falling objects; and electrocution.

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