By bringing the ‘big room’ planning and scheduling environment online, visual collaboration software for distributed teams can save time and money on any construction project

By Barb Feldman


It seems very risky in today’s world that projects with budgets of millions of dollars are dependent on old-fashioned paper and whiteboard, says Stein Revelsby, CEO at Hoylu, a maker of visual collaboration software for distributed teams.

Make sure they’re licensed first

By Duff McCutcheon, Professional Engineers Ontario


Need to hire an engineer? The first step in the hiring process is ensuring the potential engineer is a “P.Eng.” or professional engineer. A quick search of Professional Engineers Ontario’s (PEO) directory of practitioners (www.peo.on.ca/directory) will tell if the potential hire is licensed, in good standing with the regulator and authorized to provide engineering services to the public.

An innovative product from Finland makes the job of cutting piles faster, easier and safer

By Mark Halsall


In the early 2000s, a pair of Finnish construction workers, Teppei Morimoto and Antti Makinen, were carrying out the physically demanding task of cutting concrete foundation piles using handheld tools when they thought: there has to be a better way.

What drillers want

Submitted by Soilmec


A drilling machine that’s reliable and simple to maintain. A high-performing machine even in the hardest conditions, a machine that is able to ensure comfort and safety to all personnel on site. A machine with low operating costs and ease of transport, with automatic features to ease the work. A machine like the SR-65 Blue Tech, what else?

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