Due to the continued success of its piling and geotechnical operation in the UK, Barker Ross is expanding to supply piling specialists globally.

“We are recognized as the leading recruitment company for piling and geotechnical positions, with top to bottom coverage in the UK,” said Billy Berridge, head of the Barker Ross piling division. “Now we are confident we can use our expertise to develop a truly global network of piling specialists and fill roles in markets which are currently experiencing a boom, such as Canada, Europe and the Middle East.”

Antony Rowe, managing director of Barker Ross Recruitment, further explains. “This is an area we have had a great deal of success in as we have really focused on it. Getting to know both candidates and client companies really well means we can be the first in line to fill both temporary and permanent vacancies.”

The piling and geotechnical sector has seen significant skills shortages, particularly as activity in civil engineering increases, due to a lack of dedicated training in the industry overall.

“There are perhaps only two to three thousand skilled piling operatives in the UK and most are in the later stages of their career,” said Berridge. “As a result, demand continues to outstrip supply, and this will only get worse as experienced pilers retire. To help alleviate the shortage, we have – for some time now – been offering to meet the cost of certification for those with the right skills but lacking current documents to enable them to work in the industry. In addition, developing our network globally will also help us fill positions more easily in all markets, as we can draw from a larger base of candidates.”


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