Courtesy of Hammer & SteelKeeping in line with California’s penchant for exceptional public transportation systems, the counties of Sonoma and Marin have begun joint construction of an area transit system, and Hammer & Steel, Inc. has been commissioned for providing steel sheet piling for the job. Labeled SMART (Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit), phase I of the project calls for the replacement of sixty 100-year-old rail lines from Santa Rosa to San Rafael, to be completed by 2016.

Part of the project requires the construction of a new bridge across the Petaluma River. For the bridge portion of the project, C.C. Myers and Ghilotti Brothers formed a joint venture and were awarded the work.

Over 325 tons of steel sheet piling were used for the con- struction of two temporary cofferdams, combining PZC 18, PZC 26 and PZ 35 to finish the job. The first cofferdam will be in place for approximately one year, with the second cofferdam staying in place for two years.

The Petaluma River bridge has a span of 907 feet, and it is the third longest precast, pre-stressed concrete girder bridge in the United States. The bridge will be constructed in three stages and require erection of 99 girders up to 130 feet in length and up to 60 tons each. The bridge itself is projected to be finished in late 2015, with commuter service starting in 2016 at an estimated cost of USD$67 million. In addition to the rail line, the project also calls for the construction of several handicap-accessible bike and walking paths, which will be completed throughout the various phases of this project.

About Hammer & Steel
Founded in 1989, Hammer & Steel, Inc. has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of steel sheet piling and pile driving equipment in North America. Hammer & Steel currently maintains a very diverse line of equipment carefully selected from manufacturers all around the world, including ABI, Comacchio, Dawson, Delmag, G&H, Junttan, Scheltzke and SoilTek. Inventory includes pile drivers, diesel hammers, drill rigs and other piling products, such as sheet piles. For more information, please visit www.hammersteel.com.


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