Courtesy of Construction Drilling Inc.Construction Drilling Inc. builds the foundation for the new Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria, B.C.

By Jim Chliboyko

If you’ve been to Victoria, you probably know whether or not you’ve been over the Johnson Street Bridge. 

The name itself may not stand out, and it’s not as impressive as Vancouver’s soaring Lions Gate Bridge. But the Johnson Street Bridge has its own unique charm and a rather steampunk silhouette (as well as a moderately well-used hashtag on Instagram). It is a 90-year-old, light blue, steel, road and rail and pedestrian bascule bridge that connects downtown Victoria with the area towards Victoria West (Esquimalt, View Royal, Saanich and points west). The current bridge is being replaced by a sleeker, more seismic-ready and streamlined bascule bridge, but online commenters have already taken to express how much they’ll miss the old span when it’s gone.

After several years of talking about the replacement bridge, the project itself actually got underway in May 2013. The project’s website says the replacement is “the largest infrastructure project undertaken by the City of Victoria.”

Elsewhere, the site states, “The new bridge will be the largest single-leaf bascule bridge in Canada – and one of the largest in the world – creating a new iconic structure and destination within Victoria’s Inner Harbour.”

The city estimates there are 30,000 crossings on the bridge every day, with 4,000 pedestrians and 3,000 cyclists also using the span. The main reason for the replacement is to meet the needs of a growing population by improving accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. Also factoring in? Corrosion and obsolescence. Being a West Coast city, there are also aforementioned seismic adjustments needed. The value of the project is estimated to be just under $93 million, some of which is being provided by the Building Canada Fund and some from the Gas Tax Fund, amongst other sources.

Courtesy of IronPlanetThe ins and outs of buying and selling used heavy construction equipment online

By Judy Penz Sheluk

There was a time, not so long ago, when the only viable options for buying and selling used heavy construction equipment were onsite auctions and print ads. No longer. Today, online resources are gaining in popularity, and in a big way.

Mascus International BV: Online international marketplace 
Started in 2000, Mascus International BV is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where more than 100 employees represent 29 nationalities. The company has 58 offices worldwide, including Mascus Canada Inc., a license holder located in Toronto, Ont.

“We went with the license holder model seven years ago because it offered Mascus the opportunity to grow both locally and globally,” said Tim Scholte, CEO. “You can find Mascus in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and North America. This is especially important today, when much of the equipment sold doesn’t remain in the country of the seller.”

Scholte compared the Mascus website to Craigslist, albeit for used equipment in seven major categories: agriculture, construction and mining, trucks and trailers, material handling, groundscare, forestry and spare parts. Within each category are several sub-categories. For example, under the master heading “Construction and Mining” is a sub-category of “Piling Equipment,” which is in turn broken down into additional categories, including piling rigs, accessories, hydraulic pile hammers, vibratory pile drivers and rotary drilling heads.

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (CPI) welcomed Ted Harris on March 17, 2014. Ted has over 25 years of product design, development and engineering experience in manufacturing. He also has extensive experience working in sales, marketing and business development. He has a degree in aerospace engineering and is a registered professional engineer in mechanical engineering in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Harris joins CPI as market development engineer, and will be responsible for marketing the TRANSONITE® Panel Product Line.

Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC), a manufacturer and supplier of foundation equipment, is now partnering with HPM, Srl as the exclusive dealer for HPM foundation drills in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

HPM, which manufactures drill mast assemblies that are mounted exclusively on Caterpillar chassis, is owned by preeminent drill designer Giuseppe Cartechini, whose designs can be found all over the world. Built with high-strength materials, HPM foundation drills provide excellent stability without the need for a large base, providing high performance and value.

“I design every drill to be as safe, efficient and reliable as possible with exceptional visibility and straightforward controls for smooth, precise operation and excellent maneuverability,” said Cartechini.

HMC imports the mast assemblies from Italy and purchases the Caterpillar chassis from Caterpillar OEM solutions, which means all assembly takes place in the U.S. HMC now has HPM200 and HPM250 units in stock and ready for rent or sale at its locations in Fort Wayne, Ind. and Rocklin, Calif.

“This is truly an exciting time at Hercules as we partner with one of the greatest drill designers of all time, Giuseppe Cartechini, and HPM,” said Justin Reed, vice president of Hercules Machinery Corporation. “With this partnership, we can now offer our customers foundation drills that are unsurpassed in strength and quality, all at a competitive price.”

About Hercules Machinery Corporation
Established in Fort Wayne in 1964, HMC manufacturers, wholesales and leases foundation construction equipment such as pile driving hammers and deep foundation-related machinery. Additionally, HMC offers custom contract engineering, prototyping and CNC services for its customer base. HMC has recently expanded its product mix in order to serve the alternative energy construction segment. HMC is realizing tremendous success with its Sonic SideGrip® vibratory pile driver – a piece of equipment that is revolutionizing the way contractors drive steel sheet pile, H-beam and pipe pile. For more information, visit http://hmc-us.com.


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