Louis Frits, P. Eng., Bermingham Foundation Solutions


Describe your current job at Bermingham.Describe your current job at Bermingham.Louis Fritz: I’m a sales engineer – what I do is sell equipment that we engineer and manufacture. The area I cover is all of Canada, and the northeastern and northwestern U.S.

Avoiding Pitfalls and new challenges of overcoming labour shortages

By Sofia Mirza, Fillmore Riley LLP


As an immigration laywer. I can't tell you how many times I've heard new clients say. "I wish I had known that before." Or, "If I had just consulted you before I files the application. this mess could have been avoided.

Some examples of complications that may occur when a step is missed in the work authorization process include lengthy delays in the hiring process, officers rejecting appli-cations and interruptions in the work term of a valuable foreign national employee.

People are holding your business up

By Barbara J. Bowes, Legacy Bowes Group


I can just imagine the "buzz" in the exhibition hall and in every presentation room during the recent International Foundations Congress & Equipment Expo (IFCEE) 2015 in March. That's what happens when 3,500 enthusiastic attendees get together to discuss common issues, opportuni-ties and new ways of doing things. So many sessions, so many innovations and so many people to meet!

From below ground to roof cap, Graham is a company that does it all

By Kelly Gray


Not all construction companies are created equal. In construction and project management, the smart money goes with a firm that can manage and self-perform all challenges from below ground to rooftop. For nearly a century, Calgary-based Graham has been such a player. Indeed, with revenues exceeding $2 bil-lion, Graham has become an industry leader by earning its place at the top as a complete one-stop-shop where clients get the benefit of substantial expertise and experience that extends from commercial projects to industrial sites to massive infrastructure under-takings.

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