Mario Roussel, Selix Equipment

Describe your current job.
My day-to-day job is to organize everything with suppliers and manufactures for all the equipment brands we represent and make sure all financial aspects of the company are in order.

What are your areas of responsibility?
Sales would be my major responsibility, but I oversee almost everything to be sure we do the best possible jobs for our customers in a timely fashion.

How did you get to where you are now?
I started renting and selling heavy equipment back in 1985 for McIntosh Equipment of Ottawa, then I represented Holder of North America, a German municipal tractor company covering all of Canada and approximately 23 states. I was working with a dealer network, and then I started developing a liking to the rock breaking and drilling industry. In 1992, I helped develop and introduce a new Japanese hydraulic rock drill brand, called Furukawa, to our country for almost 20 years. In the summer of 2011, I took the opportunity to start my own distributorship, and Selix was born.

Failure to take reasonable safety precautions and provide adequate training can result in hefty fines

By Kirk A. Vilks, Fillmore Riley LLP

In the Q4 2013 edition of Piling Canada, James Wishart wrote about the Ontario Court of Appeal decision in R. v. Metron Construction Corp. (Metron). In that case, the Ontario Court of Appeal handed out fines to corporate defendants for criminal negligence that were large enough to potentially bankrupt the companies. It was held that that the courts should not take companies’ financial situation into account when determining fines for criminal negligence. More recently, Canadian courts have continued to follow this approach by awarding large fines without consideration of the financial implications for the companies

In 2013, the Ontario Court of Justice convicted Sunrise Propane Energy Group Inc. for multiple regulatory offences under the Ontario Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). The judgement – R. v. Sunrise Propane Energy, 2016 CarswellOnt 3399 – pertained to an incident that caused propane explosions in Toronto in 2008 that killed a young worker and caused a fire.

There were a series of explosions that caused extensive damage to surrounding properties and injuries to neighbours. Some surrounding homes were left uninhabitable for over a year. Approximately 12,000 residents had to evacuate the area within a 1.6-kilometre radius. Local businesses were forced to close, and one nearby car dealership was completely destroyed. At the time of the explosion, there were two employees on site; one was able to escape with minor injuries, but the other was killed.

Piling Broker bridging the need to buy and sell equipment

By Jon Waldman

Anyone who has been in the piling business for any length of time knows that costs for equipment can get fairly high.

As a result, there are one of two ways that a company, especially a startup, can go – have a high capital investment at the beginning of a venture by buying equipment, or rental.

Going the second route, thus, becomes the better option and this is where a company like Piling Broker steps in. Founded in 2015, Piling Broker, through its online portal (pilingbroker.com) and using social media applications like LinkedIn, has in its short time become a leader in providing quality new and used machinery to companies across North America and around the world.

“So far on average, we have seven to eight listings monthly,” said Irena Zecevic, Piling Broker’s marketing manager, adding that the number of pieces is growing quickly. “We try to list equipment from known sources/dealers or contractors owning the equipment and list equipment that is available for inspection. Each listing is reviewed by our staff and, if approved, then it is made active within one business day.”

How to manage a safe and efficient worksite

By Deb Smith

Safety is a core value for every construction project, woven into most construction companies’ DNA. Yet carrying out a comprehensive safety plan can be a complex and time-consuming process.

In response, CorePoint Solutions Inc. developed an innovative, easy-to-use and highly configurable safety software program that ensures compliance and convenience for companies of all sizes and employees at all levels.

“Our company has been in business for 15 years,” said Lisa Heitrich, CEO and product manager at CorePoint. “It all started in B.C. when I was working with one of the top five global forestry companies.” To better handle safety, in 2003, Heitrich developed a solution for the forestry giant.

With the new safety software’s success, Heitrich received permission to develop a comprehensive solution to improve and better manage health and safety programs for other forestry companies and in other industries.  e result was a suite of user-friendly and reliable occupational health and safety (OHS) management software.

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