Celebrating 20 years of pile testing

By Jim Chliboyko


Twenty years have gone by quickly for Sam Salem and Fred Agharazi. The two men are the founders of AATech Scientific, an Ottawa-based pile-testing company the two formed in 1997.

Bridges normally aren’t constructed this way, but thanks to cutting edge technology developed in part by a Canadian company, that’s exactly what’s happening in Cartagena, Colombia

By Mark Halsall


Building a bridge from the top down isn’t the usual way to do it. But when bridge builders faced the daunting prospect of having to span five kilometres of swampland during a highway upgrade project in Cartagena, Colombia, it was determined that top-down construction made the most sense.

What's the future; What's the foundation

By Marc Paoliello, P.Eng., Deep Foundations Contractors Inc.

This article originally appeared in Foundation Drilling magazine, the official publication of ADSC: the International Association of Foundation Drilling. It is reprinted with permission.


Is Toronto in the midst of a cultural renaissance? As Canada’s largest urban centre at just over 6 million people, the population has grown since 1834, overtaking Chicago to become North America’s fourth most populous city.  Toronto’s longstanding institutions are undergoing massive overhauls to meet the demands of a quickly changing metropolitan area.

The Centre's three-year program is geared to making its graduates knowledgeable about the many different aspects of the pile driving industry

By Lisa Kopochinski

Although the Western Canada Piledrivers Training Centre is relatively new – it opened in 2009 – the program boasts an impressive success rate with 95 per cent of its students graduating.

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