Cyntech Canada uses a specialized technique in Banff National Park

By Jon Waldman


Working in the piling industry, a company can be faced with a number of projects that are unique. While each job has its own dynamics, there are some that stand out as being different from the “norm” that one might see in a downtown Canadian city or in rural centres across our country.

Upgrading Saskatoon's transit

By Austin Wilson and John Wilson


The city of Saskatoon, Sask. has many nicknames, including “The Hub City.” Historically this nickname arose because Canadian farmers brought their year’s harvest to Saskatoon for shipping. The city still plays a vital role in the distribution of goods, acting as a hub to connect key highways, railways and the busiest airport in Canada.

Allowing the port to handle more cargo, create new business opportunities and jobs

By Lisa Kopochinski 


After several years of extensive revitalization, the Port of Oshawa is maintaining its spot as the city’s shining star.

Work has completed on the east wharf consolidation and rail spur projects – both which will provide an additional berth for ships and allow the port to handle more cargo, create new business opportunities and jobs.

The Impact of environmentally acceptable lubricants in pile driving applications

By Matt Houston. RSC Bio Solutions


The pile driving industry is at a crossroads. As regulations become more stringent and performance is increasingly paramount, organizations are feeling the pinch to be both compliant and perform at their peak. Equipment failures, spills and leaks are followed by costly fines, cleanup fees and increased downtime – further emphasizing compliance concerns and public scrutiny over environmental impact.

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