Describe your current job.
I am the project manager at Ruskin Construction. The project I’m currently on involves the widening of the Paul Lake Bridge at the Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories. The work we’re doing includes the installation of new bin walls, footings, girders and concrete deck.

What are your areas of responsibility?
My areas of responsibility include project management, contract management, change management, project scheduling, logistics and project planning.

Gilbert adds three new dealers to North American network for the Grizzly MultiGrip vibratory pile driver
Gilbert Products Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of its dealer network to Western Canada with three new dealers: Canadian Pile Driving Equipment (CPDE), ShearForce Equipment and Accudraulics.

CPDE becomes the Grizzly MultiGripTM dealer in Alberta and Saskatchewan, while ShearForce Equipment and Accudraulics are respectively appointed dealers in British Columbia and Manitoba.

Different legal requirements for group terminations when operating in the Canadian North

By Genevieve E. Mushaluk and Jenna R. Seavers, Fillmore Riley LLP

In December 2015, a mass termination of employment took place at the troubled De Beers Canada mine, located in Snap Lake, N.W.T. CEO Kim Truter personally advised 434 employees that they were out of work and that the mine would be closing. Of the 400 permanent employees, about 100 were northerners.

In addition to making difficult business decisions, companies must also navigate employment law to ensure the execution of “group terminations” is in accordance with employment legislation. In the De Beers layoff, which involved the termination of more than 300 employees, the legislation provides that permanent employees were entitled to 16 weeks’ notice of the termination of their employment. Further, pursuant to the legislation, De Beers was required to inform the government of its intention to terminate the employees.

“Group termination” refers to a situation in which an employer will be terminating numerous employees working in a single location, either simultaneously or within a short timeframe. In most provinces, when an employer plans to terminate 50 or more employees in a span of four weeks or less, employment legislation requires that the employer be mindful of specific group termination legal obligations. One of the requirements is that the employer must provide notification to the government.

Group terminations are covered in both federal and provincial employment legislation. The general requirements are largely similar for employers operating federally and within most of the Canadian provinces; however, different rules come into play when dealing with the northern provinces and/or territories, specifically Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Formula Contractors stepped in to construct an emergency bridge when a rainstorm washed out an important thoroughfare

By Heather Hudson

When Mother Nature rages, Formula Contractors gets to work.

British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation called on the Prince George, B.C.-based company, which specializes in innovative construction solutions for bridges, structures, foundations, civil construction, rental bridges and more, to restore access to a road after a massive weather event.

It was their expertise in bridge construction that landed them the recent emergency job building a temporary bridge on pile foundations in British Columbia’s Peace Region in June. An early summer rainstorm caused flooding, completely washing out twin culverts on Rolla Road, a well-travelled thoroughfare connecting two main highways.

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