Gilbert adds three new dealers to North American network for the Grizzly MultiGrip vibratory pile driver
Gilbert Products Inc. is proud to announce the expansion of its dealer network to Western Canada with three new dealers: Canadian Pile Driving Equipment (CPDE), ShearForce Equipment and Accudraulics.

CPDE becomes the Grizzly MultiGripTM dealer in Alberta and Saskatchewan, while ShearForce Equipment and Accudraulics are respectively appointed dealers in British Columbia and Manitoba.

“We are very proud of these partnerships and look forward to long-term and successful collaboration,” said Alex Gravel, director of sales and marketing at Gilbert.

Founded in 2009 and located in Lacombe, CPDE provides a full line of service and parts that complement the best purpose-built pile driving equipment made. CPDE offers excellent service and training to their customers.

ShearForce Equipment, located in Abbotsford, B.C., is a leading provider of attachments for excavators, tractors, backhoes and skid steers, and it is a division of West Coast Machinery Ltd. A family-run business for three generations, ShearForce stands behind its products with comprehensive customization, maintenance and repair services.

Accudraulics Inc., based in Winnipeg, Man., is a dedicated source for heavy duty hydraulic equipment and servicing in Manitoba.

Gilbert has been a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of forestry, sawmilling and construction equipment and snow groomers since 1986. The company is located in Roberval, Que. and employs more than 100 employees.

TEI Rock Drills HEM excavator drilling attachment ideal for difficult applications
TEI Rock Drills, Inc. of Montrose, Colo., an industry-leading manufacturer of excavator drilling attachments, has produced an informational movie that demonstrates the TEI HEM hydraulic excavator drilling attachment and its innovative 360-degree dual positioning swivels. The new video presents the double swivels’ unique benefits in difficult low, high and confined applications.

The animated movie displays the extreme range of motion offered by the attachment’s 360-degree capabilities in a soil nailing jobsite. TEI HEM drilling attachments are the most versatile excavator platforms available for ground improvement, earth retention and rock drilling applications. The patented HEM system combines TEI drifters featuring automatic stroke adjustment or rotary heads with an advanced feed system that produces unequaled drilling technology.

The movie also presents the convenient quick-connect functionality incorporated into the HEM drilling attachment. The HEM connects easily with quick couplers to minimize attachment change-out time. With minimal effort, operators can utilize multiple attachments for a single excavator or share an HEM attachment with more than one rig.

The TEI HEM drilling attachment is radio-directed and provides operators with exacting controls and a clear line of sight. TEI drilling attachments are also available with an EU-certified protective cover that meets current European equipment standards.

The new HEM video demonstrates the performance-driven technology that makes TEI an industry leader in construction markets worldwide. The TEI HEM hydraulic excavator drilling attachment movie can be viewed on the TEI Rock Drills YouTube channel as well as on teirockdrills.com.

About TEI Rock Drills
TEI Rock Drills is an industry-leading manufacturer of drilling attachments, limited access drills and drilling components with distribution worldwide. Visit the TEI website to discover more about TEI’s innovative technology and quality drilling equipment.

ECA ramps up customer service with BAUER Maschinen training
Equipment Corporation of America (ECA), a leading distributor of foundation construction equipment, has successfully completed a customer service-focused training program from one of its key manufacturers, BAUER Maschinen GmbH.

ECA’s American and Canadian employees reported to the training facility at its Pittsburgh headquarters from July 11-13, 2016 for BAUER Customer Bene t (BCB) Training. The program was conducted by BAUER Maschinen’s director of worldwide sales, Christian Gress, and deputy director of marketing, Barbara Wasmuht.

“We’re proud of the ECA team in the United States and Canada for successfully completing this training,” said ECA’s executive vice president, Ben Dutton. “It represents yet another certification of technical competence and product knowledge to pass along to our valued customers.”

ECA has been a leading supplier of foundation construction equipment in the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada for nearly a century. We are exclusive distributors for BAUER drills, Klemm anchor and micropile drills, RTG piling rigs, Pileco diesel pile hammers, HPSI vibratory pile hammers, WORD International drill attachments, Dawson Construction Products and Grizzly SideGrip vibros. ECA offers sales, rentals, service and parts from nine facilities throughout the Eastern U.S. and Eastern Canadian provinces.

State-of-the-art deep foundation
The Austrian construction company Hilti & Jehle GmbH is relying on modern and high performance machines from Liebherr for complex deep foundation tasks. A rotary drilling rig type LB 44 is currently working on the construction of a factory building in Dornbirn. The LB 44 is presently the largest pure rotary drilling rig from Liebherr and is being used to insert pile foundations for a new production building, measuring 203m by 130m.

At the outset, the continuous flight auger (CFA) method was used. However, due to the extent of the excavations, it was finally decided to change to full displacement tools for the drilling work. No less than 2,988 piles must be inserted at depths of 28m and 29m for the foundation work in Dornbirn, which started in the middle of March 2016 and should be completed over the summer. The ground conditions present a special challenge. Although the soil comprises mainly loam and peat, the work is made more difficult through several layers of densely compacted gravel, which are up to six metres thick.

Also in operation for Hilti & Jehle is the new high performance piling and drilling rig LRB 355, which has been sold for the first time worldwide. The 105-tonne machine with a maximum height of 33.5m made its debut last autumn on a building site at the exhibition grounds in Dornbirn, Austria. Despite its dimensions, the deep foundation machine is easy to transport with mounted leader, slide and ropes.

Due to the difficult soil conditions, and in order to avoid any subsidence, a large number of concrete piles in various forms had to be inserted at the job site in Dornbirn. In the process, the LRB 355 proved its strengths for the first time under tough conditions. In the past, various types of machinery would have been necessary, but this new, multifunctional machine can create different types of piles, depending on the requirements and soil conditions.

“With the LRB 355 from Liebherr, we have a modern, top-line machine at our disposal. Thanks to its multifunctionality, the quality of foundation work is improved and, at the same time, we are more flexible and can work more efficiently,” said the project manager, Markus Maehr, from Hilti & Jehle.

Piling and drilling rig with outstanding features
The LRB has a robust undercarriage as well as long crawlers that ensure a higher level of stability. Thanks to the parallel kinematics, the piling and drilling rig has a large working radius. A further advantage is the assembly of all winches directly on the leader. On the one hand, this enables a clear view of the main winch from the operator’s cab and, on the other hand, ensures that the ropes do not move when the leader is adjusted.

A particular highlight is the fuel efficiency of the 600 kW V-12 diesel motor, which runs at a reduced speed of 1,700 U/min. Moreover, using the Eco-Silent- Mode the engine speed can be reduced to a predefined level. This enables a significant reduction in both the fuel consumption and the noise emission without impairing performance or efficiency.

The innovative BAT rotary drive is a new working tool with a torque of 450 kNm, which can be individually configured depending on the application. The main advantages of the hydraulic drive, manufactured by Liebherr, lie in the automatic torque regulation, the continuous speed optimization and four electronically adjustable speed ranges.

New tomography software for cross hole sonic logging: PDI-Tomo
Pile Dynamics has released the new PDI-Tomo software for analysis of cross hole sonic logging (CSL) data. The program replaces an older tomography program, with significant advantages.

CSL evaluates the integrity of the concrete of drilled shafts and other bored or cast-in-place deep foundations. Ultrasonic transmitters and receivers are inserted in the foundation and an instrument, such as the Pile Dynamics’ brand CHAMP-XV, collects the data. Its software CHA-W analyzed the propagation of the waves emitted by the transmitters, indicating potential concrete problems.

Tomography analysis with PDI-Tomo takes the examination many steps further, allowing a better estimate of the extent of irregularities or defects. It combines arrival time data from the scans of all pairs of tubes, analyzes the data and displays it in various views.

Once CSL testing is complete and data is processed, the transition from CHA-W to PDI-Tomo is done in one seamless step. PDI-Tomo has been designed for fast data processing, improving the productivity of CHAMP-XV users. Program functions are intuitive and many features are automatic (for example, PDI-Tomo finds the depths where data suggests that a detailed investigation of integrity may be warranted). The professional-looking PDI-Tomo’s output is highly customizable to fit the needs of each user.

For more information on this testing system, visit www.pile.com/CHAMP. The CHAMP-XV and PDI-Tomo are just one of a growing line of Pile Dynamics’ systems for quality assurance and quality control of deep foundations. Pile Dynamics is based in Cleveland, Ohio; its products are sold around the world through PDI’s network of representatives.

ICE names Christian Cunningham CEO
International Construction Equipment, Inc. (ICE®) is pleased to announce that Christian Cunningham has been named CEO, effective April 2016. An official member of the ICE® team since Oct. 11, 1995 (and an unofficial team member prior to that, as he watched his dad grow the company with his business partners), Cunningham has been instrumental in the overall international success of the company for more than two decades. Cunningham worked his way through the ranks, moving around the U.S. to restructure different branches and improve service to customers.

ICE® is a 44-year-old company that designs, machines and manufactures deep foundation equipment in Matthews, N.C. For more information, visit www.iceusa.com.

CZM announces new staff appointments

Cynthia Liles as south central sales representative
CZM Foundation Equipment announces the appointment of Cynthia Liles as south central sales representative for the company. Liles will oversee all aspects of sales, including developing and maintaining relationships with customers, and attending industry meetings and events with associations such as ADSC and DFI.

Liles has an extensive background in sales, customer support and after sales. She brings over 16 years of industry experience, most recently having worked at Blaze Equipment in Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to that, she was employed by Drilltools in Kilgore, Texas. Her goals and values align perfectly with CZM’s customer-oriented philosophy, which relies on qualified professionals to provide many services. These services include corrective and preventative maintenance, commissioning, parts, tools and accessories sales.

Regan Tolley as Midwest sales representative
CZM announces the appointment of Regan Tolley as Midwest sales representative for the company. Tolley will oversee all aspects of sales, including creating and maintaining relationships with customers, and attending industry meetings and events with associations such as ADSC and DFI.

Prior to joining CZM, Tolley worked as operations manager at Illini Drilled Foundations. He attended DePauw University, graduating in 2009 and is an active member of ADSC.

William Johnson as product support manager
CZM announces the appointment of William Johnson as product support manager for the company. Johnson will oversee the setup of new and rental fleet equipment and handle all technical and warranty support. He will work closely with CZM’s engineering and product development teams to provide valuable feedback from customers, helping ensure prototypes are designed with the goal of satisfying clients’ specific needs.

Johnson has been with CZM since 2012 and was most recently production and quality control supervisor. Prior to CZM, Johnson was with JCB’s North American production facility as group leader in the final repair department. He attended Benedictine in Savannah, Ga. and University of Georgia.

About CZM
CZM Foundation Equipment offers a comprehensive line of machines engineered for a variety of foundation applications, including portable- and truck-mounted equipment, mini-crawler, excavator and crane-mounted equipment.

Its team of highly skilled engineers offers intelligent solutions for development and improvement. CZM products are recognized for their high quality and superior after-sales service, as well as innovative design that incorporates the CAT base, along with  first-line components of American vendors. The company’s customer-oriented philosophy relies on qualified professionals to provide services that include corrective and preventative maintenance, commissioning, parts, tools and accessories sales and more. CZM Foundation Equipment is the American division of CZM Corp., the leading foundation equipment manufacturer in South America, founded in Brazil in 1976. CZM Corp. manufacturers and distributes a wide range of models worldwide. For more information, visit www.czm-us.com.


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