How innovative products from American Piledriving Equipment are proving their worth in the Canadian North

By Mark Halsall

It’s called the Polar Penetrator. When it comes to piling work in the Canadian North, it’s hard to think of another piece of equipment that’s more aptly named.

The Polar Penetrator drill bit was invented by American Piledriving Equipment (APE) and is part of the company’s HD Driver system that’s uniquely suited to deep foundation construction in cold, northerly locations.

“It’s a drill bit that executes typically in frozen tundra or ground with permafrost or discontinuous frost, and I tell you what, it’s a game-changer,” said Colin Grindle, Canadian regional manager for APE. “We’ve been able to tackle any project in any terrain with our HD system.”

PND Engineers tackles tough projects in the north

By Mike Stimpson

Innovation, adaptability and finding solutions for the challenges of building in Arctic and marine environments: PND Engineers has developed a solid reputation for all these things over the course of its 37-year history. That pattern of excellence continues as the U.S.-headquartered civil and structural engineering firm expands its reach in Canada’s north through a Canadian subsidiary.

A prime example of PND’s innovation is the firm’s proprietary (and award-winning) OPEN CELL® sheet pile technology, used over 200 times since PND Engineers developed it in the early 1980s for bridge abutments in Alaska’s North Slope region. PND’s website says OPEN CELL systems have “been used effectively in locations where other traditional bulkhead systems cannot work, including severe ice conditions, soft soils, exposed bedrock, deep water, high loading conditions, extensive scour and seismic events.”

For over 40 years, Waterworks Construction Inc. has been building its toolkit of experience and reliability

By Kelly Gray

When the chips are down and the needs are high, it’s just another day for Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-based Waterworks Construction Inc. Since 1975, this Atlantic Canada company has been earning a solid reputation as the go-to guys for all types of piling and unique or challenging heavy civil infrastructure. Today, Waterworks undertakes projects all over the Atlantic Coast including Labrador and Nunavut, as well as the Northwest Territories.

According to project manager Greg Kerr, his father started the business in the ’70s while studying engineering at university.

Ledger Foundations has been doing deep foundation work for oil and gas projects - mostly in northern locations and under challenging conditions - for 10 years now

By Mark Halsall

Workers with Ledcor Foundations have been specializing in deep foundation work for oil and gas projects in northern Alberta and British Columbia since 2006. One of the things they’ve learned this past decade is that it takes a strong commitment to work in remote locations in the north.

“It’s tough on the people being away from home and in a work camp for 14 days straight. Not everybody wants to get out of bed, get on a plane and go to work for two weeks, and then only be back home for a week. It takes a commitment to work in this sector,” said Jerrod Dersch, operations manager for Ledcor Foundations.

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