How to look great on video conferences

“As remote work is expected to remain widespread after the phased reopening of some offices, video calls have become the new normal for business communication. However, business professionals know surprisingly little about the photographic techniques behind looking great on video conferences. Knowing how to optimize your look on camera, using the photographic approaches deployed by top executives, influencers and celebrities, is an increasingly important business skill that is neglected by most business professionals,” said Renata Cesar, founder of The Art of Being Photographed.

Strange new world of OHS issues at construction sites

By Patrick Groom and Victor Kim, McMillan LLP


In this strange new world of construction during the COVID-19 pandemic, new types of protective equipment, physical distancing measures, hygiene practices and health screening measures – many of which were unimaginable or unnecessary on construction sites only a few months ago – have become widely accepted. These measures will likely remain in place throughout the pandemic and may continue after.

How data is the foundation for pile engineering

By Edwin Elmendorp, Kinsmen Group


With COVID-19 ravaging through the world, a new norm has emerged that affects every corner of the old way of living. Everyone is adjusting and surviving, but emerging stronger is not so easy to tackle or always possible. The construction industry in general has been slow to innovate for decades, with a growth in productivity of just one per cent and large risks, combined with this unprecedented disruption, the time to lead is now.

The right piece - and fit - are critical

By Shel Zolkewich


Personal protective Equipment (PPE) has become a commonplace term in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but for the construction industry, it's long been a critical tool of the trade.

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