Meever USA announces marketing team addition

Meever USA announced the newest addition to the Meever USA marketing team. The Meever Beaver joins their team as an expert in civil and marine construction. The Meever Beaver will assist Meever USA in distributing a full line of steel piling products, including new and used steel sheet pile, H-pile, pipe pile and hydraulic bracing systems.

Comacchio drills to heart of safety and efficiency with two new rig offerings. The MC 20 A and the CH 320, both introduced at the end of 2020, target the anchor and large diameter drilling sectors, respectively.

By Lisa Gordon


Piero Guardigli has been in the drilling and foundation industry since 1980. It’s safe to say he’s seen the launch of many products to help foundation construction professionals get their work done with increased safety and efficiency. This year, Guardigli – who is the North and South American sales agent for Italian hydraulic rig manufacturer Comacchio – is excited about the launch of two machines.

The small and compact iPile from FPrimeC Solutions Inc. is making its mark on drilled shaft QC/QA

Submitted by FPrimeC Solutions Inc.


Quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) is an integral part of a piling project. Novel technologies can help construction managers and piling contractors assess quality and integrity during and after construction. FPrimeC’s iPile for low strain integrity testing is an innovative ecosystem that provides a fast and efficient QC/QA tool for deep foundation construction.

Understanding the various soil classifications and their unique properties can help mitigate challenges before they occur

By Mark Tigchelaar, GeoSolv Design/Build Inc.


Engineers and, more specifically, geotechnical engineers, classify soils according to tactile and engineering properties, and how those soil properties relate to the intended use for site development and foundation support. Current engineering classification systems are designed to allow for an easy transition of field observations and predictions of a soil’s engineering properties and behaviours. In the case of soil improvement and foundation construction, each soil type poses its own specific challenges.

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