Courtesy of Soilmec NAA light year’s worth of advancements

By Vincent Jue and Stephen Wilson

Soilmec brought the first European-style drilling rig to the Canadian underground construction market 15 years ago, in 1998. Today, there are around 325 Soilmec rigs in use across Canada. Some people might call us “pioneers,” but we simply consider ourselves to be the deliverers of the best available technology to our customers.

We’ve introduced several new construction technologies to the Canadian market, such as continuous flight auger (CFA) for drilled shafts, cased secant piles (CSP) for diaphragm walls and other full-cased methods of drilling. When Soilmec entered the Canadian market in 1998, most drilling companies were still using old-style telescoping casing to hold open their holes. Today, using these innovative technologies, our customers have improved productivity and gained a competitive edge in bidding and building.

We’ve also provided the technology transfer and training our customers need to make these new technologies work for them (more about that below).

Consider Soilmec a solutions provider
Soilmec, a division of Trevi Group based in Cesena, Italy, is an international leader in the design, production and distribution of ground engineering equipment. Since its founding in 1969, Soilmec has steadily developed cutting-edge technologies and provided the construction industry with the full spectrum of equipment solutions, from microdrilling and diaphragm walls to drilled shaft foundations, soil consolidation and tunneling support.

Under the Trevi Group umbrella, Soilmec is a sister company to Trevi, a world-leading underground construction company. For the past 40 years, there has been a continuous exchange of technological and process innovation between the two companies.

Soilmec invests in and develops new equipment to enable Trevi to build technologically complex and challenging projects. In turn, Trevi field-tests the Soilmec equipment and offers real- world vetting of the new technologies, with a focus on safety, drilling techniques and increased productivity. The technological advances are then passed on to all of Soilmec’s customers.

Soilmec equipment is used for tough and complex projects across the globe. Rigs and equipment provide high performance on even the most technologically challenging projects.


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