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In one of the feature articles in Quarter 3 2016 of Piling Canada, titled “Prepping Heavy Equipment for Remote Jobs,” three photos from Canadian Pile Driving Equipment Inc. were mistakenly omitted from the article’s layout. Piling Canada greatly appreciates Canadian Pile Driving Equipment’s contribution to the article, and we regret our error of missing the inclusion of these photos.

Liebherr piling and drilling rig LRB 355 carries out sheet piling work in Western Austria

A new piling and drilling rig from Liebherr was recently applied close to its manufacturing site in Western Austria. The LRB 355 was used by the Austrian construction company Hilti & Jehle GmbH to carry out sheet piling work in Frastanz.

At its headquarters in the Austrian town of Frastanz, the company Rondo Ganahl AG, which specializes in the production of paper and packaging, is currently building a new high bay warehouse and extension for logistics, as well as doing modifications to existing facilities. Parts of the deep foundation work were subcontracted to Hilti & Jehle GmbH by the joint venture I + R Schertler/Tomaselli.

Sheet piling had to be performed on an area of 7,500 square metres in order to lower the groundwater level by approximately three metres and to secure the foundation pit. For this purpose, the LRB 355 piling and drilling rig installed U-profile sheet piles with lengths of 11 to 12 metres in the ground.

Piling and drilling rig features

The LRB has a robust undercarriage as well as long crawlers that ensure a higher level of stability. Thanks for the parallel kinematics, the piling and drilling rig has a large working radius. A further advantage is the assembly of all winches directly on the leader. On the one hand, this enables a clear view of the main winch from the operator’s cab and, on the other hand, ensures that the ropes do not move when the leader is adjusted.

A particular highlight is the fuel efficiency of the 600 kW V-12 diesel motor, which runs at a reduced speed of 1,700 U/min. Moreover, using the eco-silent-mode, the engine speed can be reduced to a predefined level. This enables a significant reduction in both the fuel consumption and the noise emission without impairing performance or efficiency.

In addition to sheet pile installation using a vibrator, the LRB 355 is suitable for all common drilling methods, such as drilling with Kelly equipment, full displacement tool or continuous flight auger as well as for soil mixing operation with hydraulic hammer.

“With the LRB 355 from Liebherr, we have a modern, top-line machine at our disposal. Thanks to its multifunctionality, the quality of foundation work is imporved and, at the same time, we are more flexible and can work more efficiently,” said Markus Maehr from Hilti & Jehle.

Pile Dynamics supports recommendations of revised ASTM standard for integrity testing

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has revised the Standard Test Method for Low Strain Impact Integrity Testing of Deep Foundations, D5882. This Standard covers both the Pulse Echo and Transient Response Methods of evaluating integrity. Both methods are expedient procedures to investigate the potential existence of major cracks or voids in concrete foundations.

The D5882 Standard now encourages considering the soil profile, construction method, site records and results of tests on other foundations at the same site when evaluating data obtained by these methods. Depending on the type of deep foundation tested, it also suggests examining data from concrete placement automated monitoring, concrete cylinder or core strength tests, cross-hole sonic logging (ASTM Standard D6760) and thermal integrity profiling (ASTM Standard D7949).

Pile Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) wholeheartedly supports the recommendations set forth in the revised standard. PDI manufactures and distributes the Pile Integrity Tester (PIT), often the instrument of choice for either pulse echo or transient response integrity testing. PIT is available in several models, with one or two channels of data acquisition. The transient response method requires the models with two channels. The technical specifications of all current PIT models comply with the requirements of the Apparatus section of the revised Standard.

PDI offers an extensive line of products for quality assurance for deep foundations, including systems for the complementary methods mentioned in D5882: automated monitoring of concrete placement in augered piles (Pile Installation Recorder), cross-hole sonic logging (CHAMP) and thermal integrity profiling (Thermal Integrity Profiler).

The ASTM has more than 12,000 published standards that are used throughout the world and may be obtained from www.astm.org/Standard/index.html.

SAIT story is 100 years in the making

On Oct. 16, 2016, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) marked an historic milestone – celebrating 100 years of applied education.

When SAIT began in 1916, there were 11 students and two pieces of donated machinery, in a time when there were mostly horses travelling down Calgary’s streets. Today, SAIT welcomes more than 50,000 students each year – offering 31 apprenticeship trades; 83 degree, diploma and certificate programs; and over 1,000 continuing education classes. SAIT is a renowned global leader in applied education, specializ ing in action-based learning.

“SAIT has an incredible history of innovation and putting students first, it’s an approach that began 100 years ago and is what we do to this day,” said Dr. David Ross, SAIT’s president and CEO. “As we celebrate our centennial, we not only honour the past, but embrace a future that will help us continue to deliver on our promise to prepare our students for success.”

BAUER-Pileco has a new phone number to reach the Parts Department

BAUER-Pileco has an all-new phone number for its Parts Department.

To reach the Parts Department, please call 713-699-7699. Remain on the line while the number is ringing, as it will for-ward your call to the next available parts sales representative. If you reach the voicemail, this means that all representatives are on the line. Leave a message, and a representative will answer your request promptly. 


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