Experts on both sides of the Atlantic weigh in on some of the challenges facing the construction sectors in Canada and in Europe, and how they’re being addressed

By Mark Halsall


There are numerous challenges facing the building industry these days, not just in Canada but in many other parts of the world. For one, there’s generally a lack of skilled trades workers entering the construction business.

Danish company re-introduces piles that harness geothermal energy

By Heather Hudson


One answer to the increased demand for renewable energy lives right here in the piling industry.

First application of global innovation

Submitted by Liebherr


It is a trouble spot in the western Austria road network: the Bludenz-Bürs junction of the A14 motorway. There are frequent traffic jams and delays due to congestion.

A major player in Scandinavia’s drilling industry sells its first rig in Canada

By Jim Timlick


Scandinavian Pile Driving (SPD) has become a major player in the foundation drilling industry in Scandinavia since the company was established by founder Magnus Andersson in 1993, and has been mentioned as one of the region’s fastest growing companies.

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