• Go Pound Sand


    By Neil Isenegger, P. Eng., GeoSolv Design/Build Inc.


    As challenging soil sites become the norm, the search is on for innovative and cost-effective methods to support new building construction. When spread footings simply don’t work, traditional approaches to poor soils such as over-excavation and replacement or deep foundation systems can be costly, time-consuming and cumbersome.

  • Got Them Sandy Soil Blues?

    The Densipact® system may be just what your project needs

    By Mark Tigchelaar, P.Eng.


    Sandy soil can be found throughout all regions of Canada and oftentimes in areas of planned development for large, load-bearing structures.

  • Overcoming Poor Soil

    Geopier GeoConcrete® Column System can provide a solution for extremely high loads in very poor soils

    By Bentzi Belfon, GeoSolv


    Structural foundations are often forgotten by most people outside of the construction industry, even though without those same foundations, most structures would quite literally sink into the ground. As anyone familiar with foundations can attest, they are far from easy to design and can often be very costly, given the many unfavourable surprises you might find underground.

  • Pile Integrity Testing

    Applications and limitations

    By Drs. Hamed Layssi and Farid Moradi


    A solid, stable and safe foundation is a must havein the development of every major infrastructure to ensure their

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