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Junttan's newly redesigned PMx26 enhances capability when piling jobs face tough conditions
Written by Kelly Gray
December 2018

Junttan’s newly redesigned PMx26 enhances capability when piling jobs face tough conditions

By Kelly Gray

When the piling sector has challenges, this Finnish company delivers solutions. Based in Kuopio, Finland, with dealers around the globe, Junttan Oy offers a product range consisting of world-leading pile driving rigs, multipurpose piling and drilling rigs, deep stabilization rigs, as well as hydraulic impact hammers, rotary heads and power packs.

A great example of their success in design and development is the Junttan PMx26. The PMx26 is special because of its capacity to drive piles with steep inclination. PMx26 can do at least 18.5 degrees inclination to all directions – even sideways and backwards; forward inclinations can be even higher.

The whole basic structural and component layout of the PMx26 has been redeveloped to deliver effortless operation and maintenance, uncompromising safety, stability, transportability and structural strength. The hydraulic system has been completely overhauled and Junttan’s innovative X-control system for the PMx26 has been further developed for the most convenient and productive operation and low fuel consumption. The PMx26 utilizes the latest engine technology to conform to the toughest international emission legislation.

“PMx26 is [a] purpose-built pile driving rig for all types of driven piles (steel, H-beams, concrete, wood, sheet piles, etc.) with leader capacity of 20 metric tons. It can do up to 24-metre piles in one section and [the] biggest impact hammer ram weight we recommend for it is nine metric tons,” said Ate Konkka, director, Piling Rig Technologies, Junttan Oy.

Introduction of the new PMx piling systems have been quite recent. In fact, the first look occurred at ConExpo in Las Vegas, Nev., in 2014. “PMx rigs were first introduced in North America at this expo, but we have been delivering other PMx (PMx20, PMx22, PMx24, PMx27, PMx28 and PMx29) models to North America and Europe from 2014,” Konkka said.

Konkka reports that a need for the rig was established when Junttan Oy was approached by a European customer that was having challenges with side inclination boring.

“We designed the specification together with our customer and brainstormed how the rig should be used and what would be ideal for the operator and how the rig could be as efficient as possible on the work site. Our [research and development] department designed different kinds of options and together, with the customer, we chose the best ideas and adjusted them. Finally, we came up with a rig that fits into the specification and is easy to use for the operator and also very productive on the work site,” he said, adding PMx26 can use the same efficient and low noise Junttan hammers as other Junttan rigs.

“Engine bay and air intake, for example, is re-designed and the base rig is also quieter than our Classic models. Remote control functions allow us to update [a] rig’s software from the factory and we can also adjust [a] rig’s functions remotely and do trouble-shooting in real time if needed.”

With more than 40 years as piling industry leaders and a heritage in the foundation sector, Junttan has taken capability to a new level with the PMx26. According to Konkka, the rig can be used in virtually all pile driving operations. However, he remarks that the PMx26 is ideal for projects where you need to drive piles with steep inclinations.

“Especially job sites where you have limited space to move piling rigs. Our new PMx26 can do difficult piles 360 degrees around the rig regardless of [the] position of the under carriage. One specification for the rig in the design phase was that on some special job sites, the platform for piling rigs are so narrow that they don’t allow you to change position of the rig and approach piles from different directions. You need to be able to drive all piles while driving on a narrow platform.”

The PMx26 is also among the “greenest” of new line piling systems. Here, deep system integration works to reduce emissions, improve overall performance and save fuel. It does this without compromising machine performance. The company reports that the thermostat-controlled engine and hydraulic oil coolers are coupled with an optimized air circulation system. Together with a streamlined main hydraulic oil circuit with extended hose diameters, fuel consumption is decreased by up to two litres per hour compared to previous models. The new post-compensated and load sensing hydraulic system saves another litre per hour compared to traditional hydraulic systems and the unique PileCruise feature eliminates human factors from the total system efficiency; decreasing the power consumption of the hammer by up to 20 per cent, depending on the operator. Tier 4 certified Cummins engines are also available to further decrease emissions.

“Like all Junttan pile driving rigs, it’s designed together with customers to fit their needs, and it is [a] very reliable and strong machine and it is very fast and efficient,” said the company director. “PMx26, like all other Junttan rigs, is self-erecting and gets to work on the jobsite very quickly after transportation, and has no need for additional cranes or other equipment. PMx26 is the only rig on the market today that is built according to [the] latest machine building norms and can do these steep inclinations.” 

For more information on Junttan’s PMx26 contact Bruce Patterson at Canadian Pile Driving Equipment, www.canadianpile.com or 403-350-8116. 🍁

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