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Pinnacle Drilling Products meet National Pile Croppers in the U.K.
July 2022

Rick Hennessey and Jack Bonomi of Pinnacle, alongside a NPC Multibar cropper (Photos: National Pile Croppers)

National Pile Croppers (NPC) is one of the world’s largest pile cropper manufacturers and rental companies. The company, through its international subsidiary, International Pile Croppers (IPC), recently announced Pinnacle Drilling Products (Pinnacle) as the group’s new distributor in North America, named North American Pile Croppers. This past April, three senior members of Pinnacle’s management team went to the U.K. to inspect the NPC product line first-hand and see the pile croppers in action.

With headquarters in Calgary, Pinnacle prides itself on delivering the best and most innovative solutions to its construction and civil engineering clients, partnering with them to understand their needs, culture and business aspirations. This understanding enables the provision of exceptional service and advanced solutions to meet any challenge using world-class products.

As part of Pinnacle’s drive to provide its customers with state-of-the-art solutions and products, the company identified the potential of NPC’s range of pile croppers. Pinnacle made contact, which directly led to the company being appointed IPC’s distributor throughout North America. This appointment reinforces NPC’s commitment to providing exceptional levels of customer focus in-market.

As part of Pinnacle’s drive to provide its customers with state-of-the-art solutions and products, the company identified the potential of NPC’s range of pile croppers.

Pile cropping solutions

“National Pile Croppers’ offering was the first time I have ever been to a construction site and seen a piece of equipment’s performance exceed the manufacturer’s claims by such a margin. They hooked it up to an excavator and away it went cropping away clean, precise, speedily and most importantly, safely. I was so impressed that I decided that our partners and customers in Canada and the U.S. need this equipment in their stable,” said Pinnacle’s vice president, Simon Bennett.

The performance of the cropper seen by Bennett should come as no surprise as one of the core aims on founding NPC has been to provide unique, customer-focused solutions geared to making customers more efficient, safe, productive and profitable.

“National Pile Croppers offer smaller, lighter and faster croppers, giving a far superior cut and better productivity at less overall cost. We listen to the comments of our valued clients, making adjustments and improvements to croppers as necessary, designing bespoke croppers for larger projects as required,” said Ian English, business development director. “Our unique patented designs, continuous product improvement program and rigorous [research and development], ensure customers get a reliable and robust machine. We are sure they will prove to be as beneficial to users in North America as they have proved to be in the U.K., Europe, and Australia to date.”

Pinnacle visit and ‘Centre of Excellence’

During the week-long visit to the U.K., the Pinnacle team was introduced to key NPC team members who will work alongside Pinnacle, as well as inspected the manufacturing and design facilities. However, of major interest was seeing the pile croppers in action in a variety of applications. The Pinnacle team saw the attributes of the pile croppers first-hand, dealing with a variety of piles in an array of sizes.

Also of major importance were the first steps being made in the creation of the North American Centre of Excellence. Here customers will be able to call on the support, assistance and expertise of NPC staff with Pinnacle acting as the conduit. This will mean that North American customers will be able to benefit from Pinnacle’s industry know-how, and NPC’s unrivalled pile cropping knowledge and support base.

Of the Pinnacle visit and the establishment of the North American Centre of Excellence, English said, “Pinnacle’s vast local market knowledge, industry expertise, vision, ethos and values make them the perfect choice for the National Pile Cropper Group to entrust the development of the North American market with our comprehensive range of pile croppers. The opportunity for Pinnacle’s management team to see various pile croppers in action added to their knowledge base, and we are sure that working together, North American customers will enjoy the same unique levels of around the clock support and assistance as customers in Europe are able to enjoy.” Piling Canada

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