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Piling Broker bridging the need to buy and sell equipment
Written by Jon Waldman
July 2016

Piling Broker bridging the need to buy and sell equipment

Anyone who has been in the piling business for any length of time knows that costs for equipment can get fairly high.

As a result, there are one of two ways that a company, especially a startup, can go – have a high capital investment at the beginning of a venture by buying equipment, or rental.

Going the second route, thus, becomes the better option and this is where a company like Piling Broker steps in. Founded in 2015, Piling Broker, through its online portal (pilingbroker.com) and using social media applications like LinkedIn, has in its short time become a leader in providing quality new and used machinery to companies across North America and around the world.

“So far on average, we have seven to eight listings monthly,” said Irena Zecevic, Piling Broker’s marketing manager, adding that the number of pieces is growing quickly. “We try to list equipment from known sources/dealers or contractors owning the equipment and list equipment that is available for inspection. Each listing is reviewed by our staff and, if approved, then it is made active within one business day.”

Those numbers are made more remarkable when you consider that, as of May 2016, Piling Broker is made of three part-time workers who have quickly grown the online presence. Queries come in on a regular basis, with the most requested machinery being, as Zecevic says, anchor and micro pile rigs, diesel hammers and vibratory hammers.

What separates the company from many familiar competitors is that unlike retailers, with Piling Broker, based in the Canadian capital region, there are no affiliations with manufacturers or suppliers and thus they provide the open market opportunity to choose from any brand a company would prefer to have in their fleet.

“Piling Broker service has the advantage of total impartiality. While dealers can sell only the products of the companies they work for, Piling Broker can simply offer the best machine for the project,” said Zecevic.

Another spot where Piling Broker immediately steps in is in the situations where particular machinery is required in a short order. Eliminating countless search hours, Piling Broker becomes an easy-effort solution to finding that right solution, right away.

“Talking to different contractors, we realized that they often need a specific piece of equipment in a very short time period in order to get their project done. They are usually concerned about the higher prices of buying new and they have a fear of buying used. It can also take lots of research and resources to find something that suits their project,” said Zecevic. “This is where Piling Broker’s advantage is. We already have an extensive selection of equipment from trusted sources, available for inspection and this can save a lot of time. At the same time, our knowledgeable staff can actually suggest the right machine for a specific project thanks to our in-house piling related experience.”

And when Zecevic talks about the extensive array of equipment available through Piling Broker, she isn’t merely throwing out a line for the sake of promotion – she speaks the truth. A quick scan of the products available included Chem Grout mixing systems, Comacchio crawler drills, Delmag diesel pile hammers and IHC FUNDEX piling machines, just to name a few. The mix of machinery available includes both new and used pieces, providing companies the option that they seek. There is also the opportunity to put in a special request for a unit. As Piling Broker’s website states, not all equipment that is accessible is listed, thus ensuring a reserve available when such needs arise.

Along with the ability to purchase machinery from Piling Broker, members also have the opportunity to sell their equipment using the system. Companies are asked to supply full information about the sale item, including size, location, serial tag and photographs, among other details. The site also provides the opportunity to do a full sale or offer equipment for rental and full marketing services for everyone who lists with them, including the aforementioned postings through their LinkedIn page, which has drawn considerable attention.

As Piling Broker continues to grow, the company will only enhance the service it provides for its customers, making procurement of machinery more accessible.

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