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Innovative pile driving solutions
Written by Macenzie Ritchie
March 2023

HMC’s state-of-the-art pile driver

For more than 58 years, Hercules Machinery Corporation (HMC) has delivered pile driving solutions and revolutionized the industry, while maintaining and focusing on its local roots.

In 1964, Doc Jinnings opened HMC as the go-to place to rent specialty equipment for construction, one of the first of its kind in the U.S. Midwest. Now, the company has evolved into “a manufacturer and dealer of high-quality construction equipment, including pile driving and foundation equipment,” thanks to his son, John Jinnings.

While overseas for a conference, John discovered innovative technology that would change the pile driving industry: the Movax Sonic SideGrip®. Foreseeing what this equipment could do, he bought the rights and started manufacturing the machinery in Fort Wayne, Ind. Since then, the company has continued to stay ahead of the curve and show its extensive knowledge.

As piling projects have grown more complex, this expertise is essential. Due to vibration and noise, environmental factors and jobsite restrictions, choosing the right machine for the job can be challenging. Once upon a time, machines were made to serve one purpose. Today, it’s expected for on-site machinery to be adaptable, flexible and ready to take on any challenge the jobsite throws at it.

Revolutionizing the industry

HMC offers comprehensive piling solutions to meet every challenge, such as the Movax Sonic SideGrip® Vibratory Pile Driver. This excavator-mounted attachment speeds up the pile driving process on any worksite. Featuring the Sonic SideGrip® and using the excavator’s hydraulics, this driver can safely and quickly pick up, unload, place, drive and extract piling.

The Sonic SideGrip® is designed to overcome the obstacles of the jobsite. The machine is designed to overcome low overhead clearances and narrow passageways, while eliminating the need for peripheral equipment to be used during piling operations. To top it all off, this impressive one-of-a-kind machinery can handle piles up to 50-feet long, as well as H-beams, pipe piles and wood piles.

The other American-made, crown jewel manufactured by HMC is the Self-Contained Track Rig, or STR20. One machine, three tools: vibratory, impact and auger. The STR20 also features 360-degree rotation, auto plumb and level, helical pile capabilities and a 10-foot transport height. As a bonus, two of these machines can fit on a trailer. 

With these malleable, precise and efficient machines, HMC’s piling solutions reduce crew sizes and allow for less equipment crowding the site.

Engineer supervising equipment operation.
HMC holds exclusive distribution rights for Movax equipment in North America
Hercules machine
HMC helps contractors select the best machine for the job

The Hercules advantage

Pile driving is a niche specialty, but it’s a category that HMC has excelled in for decades.

The Hercules advantage is their intimate knowledge of their products at all levels. With an emphasis on local labour, HMC manufactures everything at their homebase in Fort Wayne. By manufacturing in-house (including a machine shop complete with CNC laser and welding), there is engineering expertise and quality control at every step.

The company also delivers unparalleled service by supporting and focusing on their customers and their needs. Often, HMC helps contractors in the early stages of a project, usually in the design or bid process, to help select the best machines for the job. 

Since only a handful of people understand the pile driving industry, contractors rely on HMC’s firsthand knowledge to protect their assets. The company goes above and beyond for its customers by providing complete installation and training for all machines, saving time and money for contractors.

Operating machinery to install sheet piles.
Sheet pile installation

New ownership, same business

In June 2021, Entegra Attachments, LLC of Saint Charles, Ill., acquired HMC. The result of new ownership won’t change the quality and service HMC provides. Instead, this new investment in the company will provide more resources for growth and open new doors for future expansion in production and services.

Current president Tom Dame said the new ownership, “…will continue to preserve our people and customer-centric culture, and the company’s unique value propositions, while continually improving and expanding as a result of stepped-up business investment.”

CEO of Entegra, Michael Flannery, shared similar sentiments, “Hercules Machinery’s unique value proposition and 58-year legacy of high-quality pile driving and drilling products, backed by substantial intimate knowledge and engineering expertise, fits very well within our growth platform strategy. 

“We believe Hercules’ unique vibratory pile drivers and other unique designs, such as HMC’s revolutionary Self-Contained Track Rigs, as well as exclusive distribution of Movax attachments, further enhanced by increased investment, offers strong potential for sustained growth.”

HMC is proven to be innovative. The company is an industry leader that has pushed the latest and greatest advancements technology has to offer, making it a force to be reckoned with, especially with Entegra backing it financially. 

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