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Customer service focus starts at the top
Written by Kim Biggar
October 2017

Customer service focus starts at the top

International Attachments sells and services demolition equipment in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Their top-selling products are hydraulic hammers and pile drivers; other products include crushers, excavator rail cutters, pile breakers, dredgers, demolition shears and pulverizers.

Based in Tampa, Fla., the company distributes attachments from Bell Dredging Pumps, EMS Group, OSA Demolition Equipment, SME Group and other manufacturers, maintaining a vast inventory to enable timely deliveries throughout North America and beyond. While it ships internationally, most of International’s sales are to companies in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

Business built on satisfying customer needs

Warren Smith started International Attachments in 2006, and continues to run the company.

Smith is an uncommon president. With more than 30 years’ experience in the demolition and heavy-equipment industry, he still loves to work in the field. Often, it is Smith himself who travels to work sites to install equipment purchased from his company. He does this not only to provide top-level customer service, but also, he says, because he enjoys the hands-on work.

“We have a deep and company-wide focus on customer service,” said Smith. That covers more than just aiming to deliver on-time every time, and training customers’ employees to safely use the equipment. It means always being available – beyond the Monday to Friday office hours – through an all-night and weekends answering service, to deal with customers’ urgent needs and emergency situations.

When one customer’s hydraulic hammer jammed on a construction project in Nevada, International Attachments had a replacement on site within two days. Smith flew in to install the equipment to get the crew back to work as quickly as possible.

For another customer with a big project in Russia, International Attachments had employees on site for three months to set up equipment.

The commitment to meeting the needs of customers that these examples illustrate is among the primary reasons for International Attachments’ success. Another factor is its attention to safety, for both its own employees and those of customers.

Training is key to safety

“Safety is critical in our industry,” said Smith, “and I guess you could say we’re a little obsessed with it.”

International Attachments’ employees are factory trained on installation and use of the equipment the company sells and services. Hands-on training ensures that employees can effectively maintain and repair all equipment in the company’s product lines.

Factory and ongoing training also, importantly, provides information to keep employees safe in the installation, use and repair of the equipment. It qualifies them to teach the operators of purchased machinery to safely use the equipment.

Boosting the “international” in International Attachments

International Attachments is working to develop its business in the Middle East. Dubai, in particular, should see a significant increase in construction over the next couple of years as it prepares for Expo 2020. Thanks to the bilingual skill of an employee, the company can provide service in Arabic to customers in that region, if required.

While the company currently sells to Canadian customers, it is planning to expand its presence in the Canadian market. By mid-October this year, it expects to have a new website section that will feature special offers for Canadian customers. It’s also planning a new cross-border service that will provide customs clearance as part of the package. Service in French is an option that staff can offer to customers in Quebec.  🍁

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