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New Compact Class Drilling Rig

Written by KLEMM
July 2022

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“When we developed our latest drill rig we had in mind the needs of our customers for a universal machine which is as compact and as powerful as possible,” said Roy Rathner, managing director at KLEMM.

The company recently introduced the KR 800-3G, the latest drill rig in the KLEMM compact class product range. With an operating weight of 10 tons and an on-board diesel engine, the KR 800-3G is the lightest and smallest model in the KLEMM 800 series.

Based on a pendulum chassis, the KR 800-3G has compact dimensions, powerful powertrain and extremely flexible kinematics. With a total width of only 1.8 metres, an adjustable mast for different stroke lengths, and the option of mounting various rotary heads or hydraulic drifters – for both single and double-head drilling – the KR 800-3G meets the wide range of the requirements of drilling in confined spaces. The drill rig can be used for underpinning, installing micropiles, anchors and soil nails, and other types of injection drilling.

The heart of the newly developed kinematics is a so-called Rollover, which is a rotation gear with endless rotation. This rotation gear works as a link between the main boom and the mast carrier, including the mast. The Rollover enables anchor drill positions between zero degrees and 90 degrees both transverse to the direction of travel and in the direction of travel.

When drilling purely vertically, drilling points up to approximately 400 millimetres away from the outer edge of the tracks can be reached. This keeps the manoeuvres required for the rig to reach the next drilling point to a minimum, which is an important advantage for drilling efficiency, especially when drilling micropiles.

A further significant advantage is the new mast concept, which is made up of a base element and an extension. Attached to the mast is a modular, easy-to-adjust clamping and breaking unit which enables the mast to be set up in six lengths between 3,350 mm and 5,000 mm. This means that the mast length can be configured to suit the confined conditions of the drilling project and the different drilling methods required to fulfill the job.

With an operating weight of 10 tons and an on-board diesel engine, the KR 800-3G is the lightest and smallest model in the KLEMM 800 series.

The energy chain can be repositioned as one unit and can, therefore, be adjusted to fit the selected drill mast length. This avoids any protrusion beyond the end of the mast, avoiding the danger of collision with any other buildings or building equipment, for example. As there is no need for the reconnection of hydraulic lines, any mast adjustments can take place directly on the building site with relatively little effort. With a retraction force of 60 kilonewtons, the new Type 162-3 drill mast system offers sufficient reserves for larger drilling diameters of up to 10 inches and is suitable for more demanding geological conditions.

Using the remote-control unit with display, the drill operator can maintain a safe working position around the drill rig. The high functional safety of the control concept ensures that operator safety is provided in accordance with the requirements of European Standard EN 16228. In addition, a separating device for protection against moving parts in the work process can be provided.

The 100-kilowatt (kW) diesel engine complies with European Union (EU) Stage V and U.S. Tier 4f emissions standards. A version with EU Stage IIIA emissions standard (90 kW power class) is also available.

The hydraulic system offers up to five pumps, two of which are load-sensing, making it optimal for the efficient operation of several main consumers at different pressure levels. CAN-bus (Controller Area Network) driven control blocks with high precision control and reproducibility ensure extremely accurate and precise handling of the drill rig.

Smart features such as Power Sharing, which is developed and patented by KLEMM, and the Energy Efficiency Package, an integrated standard feature on KLEMM drill rigs, support the user in achieving an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient construction site. Examples of this can be seen in the significant reduction in fuel consumption, pollutants and noise emissions.

Following its first international trade show appearance at Geofluid in Italy, the first KR 800-3Gs are proving their worth on construction sites in Switzerland and Canada. Piling Canada

KLEMM Bohrtechnik is a specialist for the development of high-quality and powerful drilling rigs with weights up 32 tons. KLEMM’s specialty is to use world-leading technologies to create an unstoppable dynamic power.

As a market pioneer, KLEMM has had a decisive influence on the development of anchor drilling technology over the last five decades. This has led to a technological advantage which benefits customers worldwide. KLEMM offers individual solutions over a broad range of products and services, including drill rigs, hydraulic hammers, rotary drives and drilling equipment. This enables KLEMM customers to perform their specific drilling tasks in a time effective, efficient, reliable and safe manner.

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