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How to manage a safe and efficient worksite
Written by Deb Smith
July 2016

How to manage a safe and efficient worksite

Safety is a core value for every construction project, woven into most construction companies’ DNA. Yet carrying out a comprehensive safety plan can be a complex and time-consuming process.

In response, CorePoint Solutions Inc. developed an innovative, easy-to-use and highly configurable safety software program that ensures compliance and convenience for companies of all sizes and employees at all levels.

“Our company has been in business for 15 years,” said Lisa Heitrich, CEO and product manager at CorePoint. “It all started in B.C. when I was working with one of the top five global forestry companies.” To better handle safety, in 2003, Heitrich developed a solution for the forestry giant.

With the new safety software’s success, Heitrich received permission to develop a comprehensive solution to improve and better manage health and safety programs for other forestry companies and in other industries.  e result was a suite of user-friendly and reliable occupational health and safety (OHS) management software.

“One of our biggest challenges has been branching out into industries beyond forestry,” said Heitrich. “But now that construction and utilities companies realize the value of our product, we’ve really been expanding and gaining momentum.”

That product is a powerful software tool that manages every aspect of an organization’s safety program. Its rich feature set and intuitive interface make for comprehensive reporting both on an individual site or project basis, as well as companies with many sites or projects needing safety information consolidated and summarized. A secure login provides access to the right information at different levels throughout the company based on that individual’s security role.

The software consists of two main modules:

Safety Management: Covers recording, tracking and managing safety incidents, investigations, safety meeting minutes and inspections, tours and audits. Built-in documentation management provides legal and internal form management; integrated action management system allows safety actions to be driven and managed from all modules of the application.

Training and Competency: Manages courses and training, employee observations, crew staffing and scheduling; tracks internal job postings/employee bidding, union/management grievances and employee discipline.

At a customer’s request, CorePoint can configure the software to better align with specific requirements.

“One company wanted to record downtime because its policy was to initiate an investigation after a certain amount of downtime,” said Heitrich.

The Core OHST can be deployed on a company’s hardware or cloud-hosted, and can be integrated with any payroll or ERP system, preventing redundant data entry and accompanying errors.

“Our NAG is a feature that has been well appreciated by users,” said Heitrich. Email and SMS reminders go out at specified frequencies. “It could be that a report is due, perhaps training is expiring or scheduled for upgrading.” The built-in “nag” delivers pertinent information to those who need it “automagically.” Once a safety plan is in place, this software keeps it on track while ensuring the proper training for all employees is fulfilled ahead of time and throughout the duration.

Working with small to very large companies plus on-site contractors, CorePoint sells its products across Canada and the U.S.

“We currently have seven employees,” said Heitrich. “Our offices are in Calgary, but we also have developers working out of Vancouver. In the past, we’ve effectively provided training remotely, but typically we’ll go out and do a training session – about two hours – for supervisors. We’ve trained everyone, even those who have never used a computer, and we can develop a custom training plan if further help is needed along the line.”

Remote reporting – no problem
CorePoint’s next exciting innovation is a true disconnected mobile application that will allow customers in the  eld to remotely enter observations and inspections. Thirteen years ago, CorePoint released a rugged mobile application that tracked quality inspections. Building on this experience, the company has developed its new mobile application with the focus on safety. While being used in remote locations, the tablet or phone remains disconnected until back within Internet service range. At that point, it can upload all information into the system.  is will save huge amounts of time in running reports, providing access to information when and where it’s needed.

“We will soon be releasing this disconnected app to accompany our Safety Solution, initially focusing on the areas of employee and site observations and inspections. We strongly believe that improving safety is the ‘CorePoint’ of everything,” said Heitrich. “That’s why we don’t try to do a lot of different things, but instead have specialized in our health and safety software.”

That software solution, a kind of one-stop shop, saves time and money with improved efficiency. Most importantly, it can improve safety for every employee in any industry. CorePoint Solutions is justifiably proud of its achievements and will continue to make strides towards safer work sites in every industry across North America.

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