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Centrum Pæle A/S publishes Environmental Product Declarations for entire product range

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May 2021

Photo: Centrum Pæle A/S

Centrum Pæle A/S is doing all it can to be greener: achieving optimum recycling targets and taking great steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Through research projects and close collaboration with academic institutions, Centrum Pæle ensures its techniques are at the forefront of innovation, so the company can be effective, providing smart and sustainable all-round solutions for their customers’ challenges.

The Danish company is a manufacturer of precast concrete foundations piles. Their extensive research into “Energy Piles” is a testament to their ethos as a market leader, inciting innovation as a key factor for reaching cost-effective development, competitiveness and product development.

Most recently, Centrum Pæle A/S published Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for their entire product range, including:

  • Continuously reinforced precast concrete piles (including bitumen and energy tubes as add-ons)
  • CPG pile splices
  • Centrum EPD – rock shoes

The EPDs are officially verified by a third-party consultant and are publicly available through the official industry organization EPD Danmark at www.epddanmark.dk.

The EPDs are based on a Life Cycle Assessment report, which goes into detail regarding the manufacturing processes and materials used. EPDs highlight how much CO₂ is emitted during the production of a specific product, including anything from materials to energy used (electricity, heating, etc.).

Centrum Pæle’s director Lars Gøttrup Christensen said, “Having EPDs are an important milestone for Centrum Pæle, since they enable us to stay ahead of the curve and consolidate our position as the leading precast pile system manufacturer on the northern European market. At Centrum Pæle, we want our piles to form the basis for even more sustainable construction projects – and it is only our imagination that limits how we can contribute to a fundamentally greener construction in the future.” Piling Canada

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