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Introducing the S Geobor Wireline HPD system from TerraRoc

A revolution in the deployment of HPD equipment
Written by Piling Canada
August 2023

TerraRoc, geotechnical drilling solutions company, in collaboration with SOCOTEC UK Ltd. and HPD manufacturer Cambridge Insitu Ltd., is thrilled to announce the launch of the innovative S Geobor Wireline HPD (High Pressure Dilatometer) System

“This breakthrough is more than just a technological innovation. It’s a game-changer that will transform the way our customers approach core drilling projects. The S Geobor Wireline HPD System not only enhances operational efficiency but also delivers comprehensive, high-resolution data that our clients can trust,” said Deyvi Akkris, business line manager, Europe and Latin America at TerraRoc

Developed with a strong focus on enhancing productivity, this cutting-edge system significantly reduces manual handling and deployment time, providing geotechnical engineers and drillers with a tool that dramatically improves project efficiency. 

At the heart of the S Geobor Wireline HPD System is the HPD, an instrumented down-hole pressuremeter that provides unparalleled measurements of rock formation properties under different loading conditions. 

“Our collaboration with TerraRoc and SOCOTEC has resulted in a product that leverages the best of our collective expertise. The wireline HPD system is a much-needed innovation to streamline the use of our HPD with the industry leading S Geobor Wireline Coring System, and we are proud to have contributed to its creation,” said Simon Baxter, managing director at Cambridge Insitu Ltd. 

Featuring a cylindrical, flexible membrane that expands under pressure and down-hole strain gauged transducers for displacement and pressure measurement, the HPD delivers real-time, high-resolution data on the deformation and stress of rock formations under loading. 

  • Pushing the HPD into the test pocket
  • HPD being lowered into the borehole

This state-of-the-art system eradicates the need for drill rods, instead deploying the HPD into the borehole via a wireline. Positioned at the desired depth using the S Geobor drill string, the probe expands under pneumatic pressure, delivering real-time measurements with unprecedented accuracy. This accurate data aids decision making by providing comprehensive insights into rock formation properties including stiffness, strength and in-situ stress, all critical parameters in designing secure and efficient structures. 

The S Geobor Wireline HPD System offers users: 

  • Significant reduction in manual handling 
  • Increased productivity with real-time data transmission
  • Precise measurements of rock formation behaviour under loading
  • High-resolution data acquisition using transducers inside the probe
  • Comprehensive analysis of rock formation under different loading conditions. 

The S Geobor Wireline HPD System is a complementary addition to TerraRoc’s Terracore drilling system, extending the potential for efficient and effective in-situ data acquisition during site investigations. 

TerraRoc, with manufacturing plants in Finland, Scotland, and the United States, stands at the forefront of casing advancement systems, down-the-hole hammers and core drilling. Backed by a global supply chain, the company is dedicated to delivering products, services and tailored solutions for engineers to tackle the most challenging ground conditions encountered in drilling and excavation works. 

SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading provider of site investigations, testing, inspection and compliance services were instrumental in the development of the new wireline HPD system.  

“Being involved in a cooperative partnership alongside likeminded industry experts in TerraRoc and Cambridge Insitu to take yet another industry first from conception to reality is extremely satisfying,” said Gareth Mews, U.K. senior operations manager at SOCOTEC UK. 

The S Geobor Wireline HPD System is set to take core drilling projects to the next level. TerraRoc’s innovative technology can change the face of geotechnical engineering and drilling, ushering in a new era of productivity, efficiency and precise data acquisition. For more information about the S Geobor Wireline HPD System, please visit terrarocdrilling.comPiling Canada

Photos courtesy of TerraRoc 

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