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Liebherr releases “Compendium Deep Foundation”

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October 2019

Deep foundation construction has made great progress in recent years and the scope of application has become ever more varied. In order to provide a wide audience with an overview of cutting-edge technology and comprehensive information about the various drilling processes, Liebherr has released a new reference book, Compendium Deep Foundation, Part 1: Drilling.

The Compendium is intended as a reference work for planners and contractors, and newcomers to the deep foundation industry who wish to learn more about drilling technology. Currently used processes, equipment, areas of application and IT solutions for drilling technology are covered in detail. Numerous illustrations, renderings and site photos supplement the descriptions in the text and should ease understanding for the reader. Technical data, as well as the mechanical and application limits of deep foundation machines round off the information needed for the planning of deep foundation works.

Result of collaboration

The Compendium Deep Foundation is the result of collaboration between engineers and technicians from contractors and equipment manufacturers, and is based on technical regulations, current construction processes and extensive practical experience. It covers kelly drilling, continuous flight auger drilling, double rotary drilling, full displacement drilling, grab drilling, reverse circulation drilling, down-the-hole drilling, applications of the drilling processes and IT solutions.

Liebherr is promoting further development in deep foundation engineering through innovative machines and equipment, tools and IT solutions. In addition to the wide range of equipment technology, Liebherr offers – with the help of engineers and technicians – comprehensive advisory and technical support. Thus, the company has developed into a system provider for deep foundation engineering in recent years. 🍁

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