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MotoCut pile cutters cut over 50,0000 concrete piles

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March 2019

MotoCut automated pile cutters were in operation at an oil industry construction site in central Asia. The project involved cutting nearly 60,000 precast concrete piles over a period of two years. The project was carried out with four MotoCut units that cut 400 millimetre × 400 millimetre concrete piles. The MotoCut pile cutters were fitted on 30-ton excavators.

Manually two per day, with MotoCut, up to 50 piles per day

The ground at the site was a former seabed, which meant that the piles had been specially treated to fit the salty environment: The piles contained stronger and larger diameter steel than usual. On average, one MotoCut cutter was able to cut 30-50 precast concrete piles per day. Manually, the cutting speed would have been two per day as the piles on this project needed to be cut in two directions due to the large amount of rebar in each pile. This meant a significant increase in productivity and major cost savings.

Harsh environment makes MotoCut even stronger

At this site, the environmental conditions brought an extra challenge. The temperatures varied between 40°C and -40°C. During the summer, a tank mounted on the excavator provided water for dust suppression and blade cooling. In the winter, a special water heating system was used to keep water from freezing.

The MotoCut pile cutter went through the ultimate environmental test during this project. 🍁

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