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Stockholm Norvik Port

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May 2021

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Stockholm Norvik Port won the Årets Bygge 2021, a prestigious and important prize for the Swedish public construction sector, in the Infrastructure category and was also announced the 2021 Overall Winner. The prize was awarded in March by the construction sector magazine, Byggindustrin, for the 2021 construction year.

In 2016, Trevi implemented the preparatory works for the construction of the Norvik Port, a new container terminal. The preparatory works were completed between 2016–2017 and included:

  • Pre-drlling with a diatmeter of 270 mm, for about 31,000 linear metres, with a Soilmec SM-30, through backfill made of gravel and boulders.
  • Execution of 3,300 jet grouting columns with a diameter of 1,500 mm, using Soilmec SM-28 and SM-30 rigs, underneath a backfill of non-cohesive material and boulders for approximately 35,000 linear meters at a maximum depth of 31 m.
  • Installation of 9,600 lime cement columns with a diameter of 800 mm, for a total of approximately 205,000 linear metres.

The Port of Stockholm, located in the historic centre of the city has always contributed to traffic congestion in urban areas. That’s why Swedish authorities decided to build a new commercial dock in an area mostly dedicated to the storage of containers, the Norvik Port.

The area partially encompassed a zone made up of filling material, which sediments were characterized by a variable granulometry ranging from clay to boulders. To support the heavy loads of the port, it was necessary to consolidate the soil under the port yards through the installation of lime cement columns and jet grouting, while heavy dynamic compaction was used for the crushed rock backfill.

After the successful completion of the consolidation works, Trevi was awarded an additional contract for soil improvement.

The second phase required heavy dynamic compaction over an area with an extension of approximately 96,000 m2 characterized by a regular grid of about 15,000 surface ‘footprints.’

This technology, which is rarely used in Sweden, satisfied the project requirements and the tight work schedule, proving to be efficient and functional. Piling Canada

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